Weight value on TR

I’m trying to update my weight from 81.5kg to 82.5 kg to get the data right.
However now it looks I can’t update my weight to include the 500g even I have managed to do it before. I have also tried using “,” in stead of “.” in the value.


I was able to update mine just now.

What locale are using on your computer? I seem to recall an issue with some locales where the default “.” character isn’t interpreted as a decimal point.

Have you tried just leaving the current “.” in place and editing the digits?

Yes. I did this as well without success.

The issue was previously discussed here:


Managed to edit my weight using Android and chrome.

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Thanks for posting about this, guys! We’re aware of this issue, and we have it on our ‘To-Fix List’. That said, we don’t yet have an ETA on when it will be sorted out. Sorry about any hassle this has caused.

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Calculate in pounds and put it in as pounds, then change back to metric