Ero Sports Velodrome Aero Testing Results

Jonathan, Chad and I flew down to LA earlier this year and visited Ero Sports for aero testing. We were trying to improve our aerodynamics for our TT that I failed miserably at :smile:.

As a rule of thumb, every .001 is a watt, so if you go from .241 to .240 you saved a watt.

As a point of reference world-class tour level TTers are around .200 - .220. Some very small people or people who adopt illegal UCI positions can get in the .18X area or even lower.

Note: Jonathan has a world-class CdA :wink:.

If you have any questions let us know!

Jonathan Lee’s Results

Chad Timmerman’s Results

Nate Pearson’s Results

Jonathan’s Position

_dsc6855 _dsc6948

Chad’s Position


Nate’s Position

Jonathan’s Bike

Chad’s Bike

Nate’s Bike


The more I look at this sort of thing, the more it becomes clearer how veteran TT’ers can just look at a position and know if it’s fast or not. Without even knowing your CdA and just having the pictures I think I could pick who was the most slippery.

Searching for something else and came across this thread. VeloToze are nice but, super hot and rip so easily. Have you guys at TR or anyone for that matter tried to find aero (trip) shoe covers like Team BMC was using at Worlds? Assos, Castelli, DtZero and many others are now making them but I’ve had no luck finding any. I did find some NOPINZ Timewarp Overshoes in stock however. Anyone have any links to share? Christmas is right around the corner!

I have no pinz overshoes with trips. I don’t know if it’s faster but they seemed like they were high quality.

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