Erg mode occasional delay

During my last two workouts, I experienced a couple 10s delays in the power transition.
It was during two custom Gendarme workouts. It appeared a different times, and type of transition (rest to interval, interval to rest).

I have a saris H3, and iphone 11 Pro, using Bluetooth. The phone is 1m (3 feet) from the trainer. I never had this type of issue before.

Does anybody have an idea on what could cause this?

Had same issue with my h3 today


H3 also get those randomly from time to time.


I see in one of your charts that you sped up and slowed down cadence right as the interval was beginning. I think the best thing for the H3 is when your cadence is predictable. Either steady, or increasing right before and as the interval kicks in.

If H3 doesn’t get what you’re trying to do with cadence, it can swim a bit.


I have found that with my H3 as well…if I increase cadence it tends to change slower…you almost have to slow cadence just a bit to let the resistance change.

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I found this useful. Credit @mcneese.chad


To be clear, there is no “oscillating” problem. The trainer normally adapts really fast to the desired target.
The issue is that twice in each workout, it did not adapt at all for 10 seconds. After the rest period, it remained at 100w during 10 seconds even after the interval started and the desired target was 260w.

Guess I’ll pile on here. I also have an H3 and when I do a lot of short little efforts like this, I’ll usually get one or two that don’t “start” on time. It is what it is.

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Hey there!

@koalb already nailed it with their advice on cadence. In ERG mode, we recommend keeping your cadence as smooth and consistent as possible. Winding your spin up or down too quickly can cause a delay in power changes from the trainer.

We also advise keeping your chain in the little ring up front and somewhere in the middle of the cassette in the rear. This helps to keep things as mechanically smooth and efficient as possible.

It’s also worth calibrating your trainer before performing a workout. You can do so using the TR app, or through the Saris Utility app. Saris’ own support advice is that you calibrate your trainer using their app only.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to check your trainer’s app for occasional firmware updates, which will help keep your H3 running in top shape. Saris’ instructions on how to do so can be found here.

Finally, if you’re doing short on/off intervals such as those in workouts like Gendarme (30 sec on, 30 sec off), it could be worth trying out Resistance or Standard mode so that you manually shift to adjust the resistance you get from the trainer. Short on/off intervals can be difficult for ERG mode to adjust to quickly enough, and some athletes prefer taking manual control during these types of workouts to be sure that they start and end their efforts when the workout calls for it. We have a TR Support article that explains the differences in trainer modes and how to switch among them here.

Hope this info helps! Feel free to reach out to me or TR Support with any other questions.


I get them occasionally on my H3 but not enough to care about it. I do notice it seems to happen if I ramp up my RPM’s too high before the interval hits.

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Thanks all for your replies.
I will try keeping the same cadence, but it also stayed locked in high power (and I don’t start to spin at the end of the interval :rofl: ) so I have a doubt.
It looks like it only happens with H3. Anybody else with another trainer getting the same issue?
And did anybody encountered the issue with another app than TrainerRoad?

I’m trying to get the best picture of the problem and then I will contact Saris.

I agree and have also had the not releasing resistance problem. Nothing more demoralizing than 30/30s when the first 15 seconds of the rest are locked at high watts lol.

This is not a user induced problem. It’s like TR isn’t telling it to increase/decrease the resistance (or the trainer isn’t listening). I know what it feels like when I increase my cadence too quickly before an interval. You still feel a bit of resistance and you’ll get a fluctuation of power as the trainer backs off because you’re spinning so quickly, only to quickly reengage and ramp to normal power when your cadence stabilizes. Attached is a picture of that from when I did Spencer -1 this week (1st, 2nd and 4th interval). You can see the difference between this and the original posters graph. I was rusty having not done 30/30s in a while.

If you get a solution from Saris or TR, post it here. It used to happen to me a lot more than it does now, usually only with short 30 or less second intervals.

This happen to me before. Check if they nut that keeps the cassette in is still tight. Both times this happen to me the nut was loose.

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I occasionally have this problem. Kickr Core and using win-pc. I have both ant and Bluetooth, not sure which connections where active when it occurs.
It is always 10 or 20 sec delay.
It have happened more frequently after i got a new Iphone 14 which sits just beside the PC. I do not use (or have) trainerroad on that phone.
I am guessing it is some kind of signal interference/disturbance which mean the trigger-signal for lowering or increasing resistance does not get through to the receiving end. I tried turning of bluetooth and wifi on the phone and the problem (almost) disappeared.
I now just put the phone somewhere else and this does not happen very often, and I can live with it.

Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 5.01.45 PM

What do they say… pride goeth before the fall? Well, anyways. I had a similar 10sec delay yesterday.

Best guess is it has something to do with the general data architecture and how TR processes signals from app devices vs. laptops. My friend @MrBirchling can give you a long story about how TR had some ‘bugs’ in the way it interprets cadence data that resulted in some erroneous readings.

When we’re talking tablets and smartphones the chain between your devices, the Apple device and the TR app seems to get a little bit more complicated.

TLDR: If you’re using TR on phones or tablets, expect to experience some ‘loose hairs’ from time to time. Over the long term, they generally get sorted out.

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I also noticed this delay in response with my H3 and it has happened more frequently after an update in March. Didn’t have an issue before then. I do see that if you spin faster just before an interval starts, there is a delay. But there is also a delay at the end of the interval at constant cadence. Now happening at least once per workout.

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Has anyone had any more luck finding a solution to this? I run TR on my iPhone 11 Pro and run in to this on occasion with my kickr bike. Nothing else connected to the phone, although I do have Bluetooth headphones/zwift running on my laptop.

I’ve been having this problem lately, but I’m on a neo. I actually think the issue is I got a new tablet (because TR app has gotten a lot more memory hungry over the last year causing the app to stutter and regularly crash. I suspect the bt antenna is in a different place and/or the metal backing is interfering. Pointing the tablet slightly more downwards than I’d like helps immensely.