Enve SES tubeless tires vs GP5000 TL

Has anyone used both and care to share their opinions? I’ve generally had great luck with GP5000 TL and typically ride 28mm. I don’t race but do like to ride fast and need something pretty durable. I’ve only had 1 flat on GP5000 TLs and that was a sidewall gash that would have killed any tire.

Not going to lie…the tan wall is a bit of a factor :star_struck: There are some good deals on the 29mm Enve tires so I was thinking of trying a set.


Stick to Enves approved list of tires. The rims shred tires that don’t agree with them.

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I was thinking of the Enve tires not rims…thanks though!!

Smarter people than me are all saying the Enve tires are ok; but nothing special esp in terms of rolling resistance
Given the GP5000 is the gold standard this will def be a performance step down
Maybe less of an issue in off season though?

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If you’re going down hills or hitting potholes, stick with the approved list. I haven’t had issues on normal roads with hookless rims and GP5k TL. You could just find an approved TL tire with tanwalls.
Dont get the EVNE tire, it’s not up to snuff.

The Schwalbe Pro One and One & the Vittoria Corsa both come in tan wall and are superior to the Evne tires - Schwalbe Tires North America | Bike Tires – schwalbetires.com https://www.vittoria.com/us/corsa-race.html

No experience with the enve tires, but I do like the 5000 tl. It rolls fast and seems to have decent flat protection for a performance tire. The only real downside to the gp5000 TL is the initial tight fitting. On certain rims it can seem impossible to someone trying to do it themselves if they don’t have much practice at tubeless. A word of caution though: continental has very clearly stated that the 5000 TL is not compatible with hookless wheels. If your wheelset is hookless, I’d look at compatible options before running something that is stated as not compatible.

Anyone else have experience with Enve SES tubeless tires? Am considering these for all purpose road riding in a 31c.