Enve tires and components

Looks like enve is releasing some tires, one piece handlebars, and 40mm roadie dropper post.



I heard about these tires a few weeks ago because I was talking to my shop about getting the Foundatin 65s. I mentioned that the GP 5000 were removed from the approved tires, and he said that Enve was looking to release their own that they could use with their hookless beads. I’d be interested in giving their tires a try on their wheels as I’m sure the marriage between them will be good.

As for tire performance, who knows.

I’m sure they won’t put their name on junk.

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I remember Nate talking in a podcast about wanting a dropper post for a road bike. I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever wished for a dropper while descending, but maybe it would be useful in super technical crits? It will be interesting to see the weight penalty with using this dropper.

So the Enve tires have been released. I’ve been waiting to wear out my stock of GP4000’s to go tubeless on my 3.4’s and I’m basically there. Was thinking I’d get some of the new Schwable TLE’s but am kind of tempted to be matchy matchy with the branding - anyone see any reviews out there?



New ENVE tires look good as far as their data goes. Perhaps after I burn off my Pro One Addix TLE I’ll give them a try. Curious if they’re made by Mavic or whoever made Mavic’s tires?

As soon as my gp5000’s burn out I am going another direction as installing them on my ses 5.6 disc are a pain in the ass. Maybe the enve ones will be better and worth a try as they make quality.

Thank this was mentioned above, the new tires have Vectran™ protection layer which implies Continental is making the tires to Enve specs.


Some interesting options with 25, 27, 29, and 31c options in terms of size. This should help finding good compromises between aero and comfort. I would think the 27c would still be very aero on the new Foundation 45 and 65 wheels, but add some comfort over the 25s.

Here is the data they posted for rolling resistance:

and here is the puncture resistance:

Lots of other details on their website: https://www.enve.com/en/products/ses-road-tire/

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yeah, really good info for example inflated width based on internal rim width (screenshot only showing 25c tire):

Skipped over the Vectran layer somehow on ENVE’s website.

Apparently made by Tufo, don’t know what other tires they manufacture

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Possibly. However, while Vectran is associated with Continental tires its just another synthetic fiber that could be used by anyone. Currently it’s made by a company called Kuraray.

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thanks! Wrongly assumed it was Continental’s technology.

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I know of it from archery bowstrings

4-6 watts more rolling resistance and slightly less aero as GP 5000. At $75, similar mrsp, but you can usually get the GP 5000 for about $40. But Enve users are brand loyal and the AR and Foundation have limited tire choices so I’m sure they’ll sell a fair amount

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Interesting thing is when you start comparing the numbers to the “aero optimized” tire sizes on their wheels.

SES is 19mm internal, optimized for 25c, so use the 25c.

Foundation line is 21mm internal, optimized for 25c - 28c. The 27c is 28mm on a 21mm rim, so use the 25c or 27c.

AR line is 25mm internal, optimized for 28c. The 27c tire is 30mm on a 25mm rim; 25c not allowed on a 25mm rim.

G23 (listed as compatible for the 27c, 29c, 31c) is 23mm internal, optimized for 33c - 45c. The 31c tire is 32mm on a 23mm rim.

So it seems the 29c and 31c don’t really fit the aero targets for any of their road/gravel wheels.

Maybe there are times you aren’t trying to optimize aero? :face_with_monocle: I’ve had a few…

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