Tubeless tire recommendations for Enve 5.6

So my wheels will be here in a month and was wondering what is a good set of tubeless tires for these wheels. I do not have much experience with tubeless. Just started using conti 5k on some stock DT wheels that came on my SL7. No issues with them. Fit pretty easy. Not sure how well they go on with Enve’s though? I was thinking either these or Fusion 5’s. Any opinions or advice welcome. I am looking for a balance of speed and durability with a slight edge to the durability until I am more comfortable with this whole tubeless thing…

I’ve got the Enve 5.6 Disc wheels and wrote this: GP 5000 TL - fitting problems

your rims might be slightly bigger or smaller, and same with the tires, so your experience could be different.

and another thread I commented on Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR as training tires: Best tubeless *hookless* tyres / tires

note: I ride on really crappy road and appear to be the Bermuda Triangle of flats and sidewall punctures.


@Jimmy_Duffer I can‘t say, that I had great experience with going tubeless on the ENVEs. Very „leaky“ with all the tires I have tried. Would definitely be interested in a good solution here, too. Until then, going tubed.

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A friend of mine set them up with Vittoria Corsa’s 25mm with no issues at all - he’s very happy with them.
I ride the same tyre on my Syncros Capital 1.0 wheel and am also very happy with the setup.

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I’ve used Schwalbe, Vitorria, and Continental GP5000s tires, all tubeless on my Enve 5.6s. The Vitorria tires weren’t very durable and didn’t last too long. I had good experiences with both the Schwalbe and GP5000s. I’m currently running GP5000s and like them quite a bit. I didn’t have much trouble getting them mounted or sealed.

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I’ve done GP5000TL’s and just recently fitted the Pirelli P Zero race TLR on my 5.6SES disc wheels.

The GP5000’s were hard as hell to fit but worked well once on. Lost quite a bit of air between rides though. Pirelli’s were an easier fit and lose less air when left. Not sure what that means and if it even matters!

Both tyres highly recommended.

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Good to know, I have had good luck with the only set of GP5k’s I have used so far, which is limited. Odd that some have issues mounting and others do not as much…

I would be interested in trying the Pirelli’s they are rated pretty good for durability. I may order these, I have a set of GP5k I can rob off my other wheels if I have issues I suppose…

I read both threads, good info. My roads arent terribly bad in NorCal

I’m running Schwalbe Pro One TLE on my Enve 3.4s. I’ve been happy with the overall performance and ride quality. I had an unrepairable puncture in the rear tire after about 1000 mi. The sealant did its job during the ride and I made it home, but had to replace the tire soon after. The replacement, and original on the front have been holding up really well since then.
This is my first experience with anything tubeless, so I can’t compare to the other brands.

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I recently put Michelin Power Road Tubeless on my Enve AR 4.5 wheels and they are great, durability seems great and they seem as fast as any other tyre. Prior to that I had the Schwalbe Pro Tubeless on which rode really well but I found they cut up pretty badly. With that said I had the one set of tyres on for nearly 2 years without needing to do anything. Like you I was looking for durability and performance which is why I went with the Michelin.

As a side note, a tubeless setup shouldn’t leak if it is done properly, ensure the rim tape is put on really tight if you are using Enve tape, ensure the channel is clean before you do it and use Stans Race Sealant. HTH. Good luck!

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I can second one of the above posts regarding Schwalbe Pro One TLR. They have been on my 5.6s since day one and in combination with Stans Race Sealant have never let me down. They may not be top notch when it comes to rolling resistance but no flats, burps, excessive air leakage for 4000 km.

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Did the Pzero TLR felt much slower than the Gp5k TL?

Just out of curiosity, do you run 26mm or 28mm?


I have run Specialized SWorks tubeless 26mm on a set of 5.6’s for over a year with zero complaints. Frequently they will hold air for a whole week between weekend rides with no need to pump up. No flats, no leaking. Very fast road feel.

I’m running the 26’s and haven’t noticed any difference at all in speed terms between them and the GP5K TL’s. When I bought them they hadn’t done any of the rolling resistance tests.

I really like them, they feel really planted in a lot of different conditions, and they’re quick!