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It’s good but… would have been better if it was a pulp fiction kind of thing all coming together in the season finale. As it I was the first two episodes were slow but then built up to a peak in episode 6. Then it hit the breaks and felt like filler til episode 12… which was good but still just a “see ya in season 2” send off. Would’ve been better if it condensed into 8 episodes.

You could supplement GCN+ with Peacock. There’s a pretty good amount of races there. If you have an AmEx, I think they are offering some kind of credit for signing up for Peacock.

Disney+: as other mentioned Andor


  • Jack Ryan
  • Hunters


  • Stranger Things


  • House of Dragon
  • The Last of Us

Just some of the documentaries and such.

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Pro-tip - grab a cheap VPN and watch whatever you want on GCN.

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Loved this. Finished season 2 last night.

Started season 2 of Slow Horses as well. I thought Gary Oldman was really overacting when I started watching, but I figure that his character has no filter and goes out of his way to annoy those around him.

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Yup, no filter and purposely annoying everyone around him.

I can’t help but compare that Gary Oldman to the Gary Oldman that played Zorg in The Fifth Element. LOL.

Blackbird on AppleTV+ was really good…I didn’t watch it on the trainer, but I think it would work well for that.

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Great one for my wife, thanks!

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I just got tipped about FAUDA.

Seems to be going crazy in the Arab world. I watched the first episode, it has potential.

Fauda is excellent, and Season 4 just dropped. Recommend watching in Hebrew/English subtitles for extra cognitive loading

Apparently Prime has gotten in on the action - March 1 they will have Jumbo Visma doc called All In

Different thread is discussing Call of a Lifetime on You tube, good watch, 6 episodes

Travelers is old but good sci fi/time travel bit (netflix)

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I just randomly started Avatar: The Last Airbender last night and was really, really impressed! Pacing, storytelling, etc. all seems on point six episodes in. Surprisingly funny too.


I just finishes Mystic Quest… Amazing series… Apple TV+

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Quite a few people have mentioned Drive to Survive on Netflix. If you like this, I’ve found watching F1 races the perfect viewing for indoor riding. The F1 app subscription has a huge back-catalogue of seasons. I’ve started at 2018 and working forward. Just brilliant!

If you want a little comedy, a little drama and don’t want to be a wanker, watch “Ted Lasso” on Apple+.

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The new episode of Attack on titan is out now…

And it amazing.

Ted Lasso S3
Poker Face
Rez Dogs
What We Do In The Shadows
Tulsa King

Currently going through Season 1.
I watched that already when it came out, but kinda drifted off of anime after S1. Looking forward to see where it’s going after S1. Heard a lot of good things.

Jumbo Visma documentary seems to be not available in most regions unfortunately

This is surprising good, my brand of sarcasm.

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