End-of-interval carrot in Ramp Test?

Just thinking about the ramp test and am kind of curious - do people tend to finish their ramp test on or near the end of their last step? Is the end of an interval enough motivation to squeeze out more watts?

I wonder if @Nate_Pearson has data on this from all the ramp test beta data. Maybe it could tell us something about how TrainerRoad conditions our behaviour (or doesn’t).

Spending even a little bit of time on the final step will effect the outcome (no matter where that is, from what I understand). I’d have to look back at my results but I can tell you with certainty that the finish was involuntary and in a tunnel :slight_smile:

Two ramp tests in, I’ve blown up about midway through a step both times.

I think I’ve done 3, maybe 4 ramp tests now. Every single time I have held on to the end of the step and then stopped at the beginning of the next.

This. I am the exact same way. I make it into the next step about 10-20 seconds then I’m cooked. Perhaps all I need in the pain cave is a Chillow for that extra motivation.


Always been the start of the next interval for me.

I was really hanging on for the last 40 seconds of one step and totally cracked about 2 seconds in to the next.

I never really pay attention to where I am in the steps, I just push it until my legs cant hold the power anymore.

I’ve done three of the ramp tests that are on record. There were a couple done in beta when it was “ramp test x” that I can’t find on here, but looked at my garmin data. Three of them I finished at the end of a step…likely just hanging on to the end. The other two I failed just a few second into a step.
It seems to me that I’ve seen the greater increases in my ftp on the tests where I’ve hung on to the end of a step rather than the ones where I’ve struggled into the next step for only a few seconds. It could be that I lacked focus on the early bail-outs or that I felt exceptionally strong on the days where I completed a step.