Empirical Cycling Podcast

ive recently been listening to these guys and wonder if you have too. some of their advice and reasons for this advice has had me really checking what i’m doing with TR. the calcium signalling effect was an eye opener. endurance rides advice was not new, but the why was new to me.


Neva herd ovit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, it’s definitely a podcast with some frequent listeners around here. It’s been mentioned for years with some active threads and comments related to their topics and ideas. One big example below:


Love the KM podcast. I’ve learned so much. Great job @empiricalcycling !

My biggest takeaways are do the basics and work on TTE. And do lots of volume if you can.


Well, it depends, doesn’t it?


i think that’s my next attack. increased volume of lower IF endurance seems to be their focus for increased aerobic fitness.

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:joy: :joy:

Always my goto podcast when it comes to training. Something extremely nerdy and requires listening a couple of times but always very infromative and gives a lot of advice.

Big fan to the point I am in the process of transcribing all the podcasts episodes to create ai chatbot based on the content :slight_smile:


His podcast and weekly AMAs (ask me anything training related on Instagram ) have taught me a lot and opened my eyes also. On his Instagram he makes memes for each podcast too, which are usually top notch.


I really enjoy the podcast (as an immunologist, I enjoy nerding out on biochem), but the weekly AMAs on Instagram are awesome. I’ve gained a lot of useful info from reading those. He really produces a lot of interesting and free content.


The paid content (i.e. consult) is also pretty good if you ever need guidance with your training.


some of their advice has now given me explanations as to why what i’ve been doing with TR has led to the performance outcomes it has.

this type of content has been missing from the TR podcast, probably because it doesn’t really fit with the TR product. unless you self select your own workouts, i don’t see the current AI providing a plan which follows the advice from these guys, especially for the rider who is brining many years of cycling to the game.

His recent podcast comment on epigenetics and long rides was interesting speculation.

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Is that in the most recent Pod (this week?)?

That’s my focus next year. Partly because it’s just what I want to do anyway.

Hopefully will get up closer to 14hrs a week from 8-10 previously, with mostly easy zone 2, maybe 2 days with a BIT of intensity (I think I’m done with 90 minute workouts that bring me to my knees on the trainer. I think too much intensity for me has been 1) too much intensity, but also 2) hindered my ability to just ride more.

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I have done 4 years of structured training, each year lowering intensity + increasing volume. Basically 4xSS + 2xZ2 → various combinations → 4xZ2 + 2xZ4/SS. Current consistent volume is 13-16h, from time to time 20h+ for couple weeks and this for ~1.5 years. After couple months gains were really good but for now have leveled off. Seems it is time to push higher intensity again to raise the ceiling.

I guess for you this period of gains might be different but eventually probably reach also same state :thinking:

EDIT: actually it would be interesting to try out 4xZ2 + 2xVO2max (a la 4x5min + 7x3min, either spread out over week or back-to-back). Sounds like good experiment for rest of remaining outdoor period.

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Yeah you likely have some low hanging fruit in doing a VO2max block.

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I like Kolie and his podcast. But better prep and synthesis could make the episodes shorter. The guest or companion (unless is an interview) almost never adds value.

A suggestion:

  • 5 min introduction.
  • 10 min Bullet point takeaways of the theory/paper/physiology
  • 20 min Practical Training takeaways

Seemed like another round about way to confirm that more volume is better….because the lack of control

Yeah, I specifically do not listen to his podcasts because they are just WAY too long.

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I don’t mind the length per se, it’s just the rambling and fluff.

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