Solid, High Level Discussion from Empirical Cycling

I admit to getting lost in Kolie’s deep dives and struggle to find a basic (dumbed down) application for many of them. This on the other hand, was a very approachable and worthwhile discussion of broader concepts that has some instant recognition and potential application for me.


this is rory’s first time on the podcast, and he’s a friend, so I highly recommend this episode and I’ve never seen him give any bad training advice to anyone


It was a good episode. A good reminder on alot of basics. I liked “if you can’t remember your prescribed workout, it is overly complicated for no reason.”


I listened to this earlier today as well. I found one of the common themes through out this podcast was to REST sufficiently. I did pickup on their mentioning of sweet spot and tempo work and how it mostly adds fatigue, but not much over just doing lower intensity endurance work. While I just finished up about 3-1/2 months of polarized base and build I have to say while I was less fatigued, I also didn’t feel as primed or ferocious as when doing my MV base/build earlier in the year. Coincidentally I was doing a SS workout while listening.
I also picked up on the deliberate message that breaks are needed not once but also mid-season to help with getting more rest in preparation for the next buildups. I’ve been listening to his stuff for a while and I really enjoy his presentation of training philosophies that he uses with his athletes. His interview Rory was great today, I’ll definitely give it another listen in the next few days.


Not quite. Ss and tempo are considered hard days and should be used in the appropriately long durations. Anything less is just adding fatigue without the payoff

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A bit like the rides I do with my mates then

Just listened to this, really good episode.

Think I’m on Rory’s “good vibes” training plan, lol.

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vibes based training is a road to nowhere

In my former triathlon life, this was readily apparent for swim workouts in some canned training plans I had followed. I just ignored the complicated swim workouts and just attempted to match the duration and intensity of the planned workout.

Moments after telling my cross country runners today’s workout is 10 x 400 @5k pace with a half lap jog recovery.


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They really hit home talking about work stress and upcoming stressful days.
I need to learn to take it easy when works gets a little crazy. My takeaway ; I won’t get better hammering workouts with lots of work stress. Long days and short nights happen but bikes don’t pay the bills. Unfortunately