Empiric / analytical plan selection

Vo2 workouts are hard for me , I know they are hard for everyone. I often fail them when they are at 120% of my ftp. This lead me to think maybe I’m just not good at them and should focus on that for a while. Any suggestions ? Side note to an TR employees. It would be great to have some more analytical testing that examines weakeness in ones performance ( vo2, sprint, etc surely there’s more to performance than ftp) and then we could even possibly look at the power demands of various disciplines / events to see where we are really lacking. Cheers

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We like where your head is at :slight_smile: . We are currently researching ways in which we can leverage your past ride’s data to customize to your individual strengths and weaknesses. You can learn more about our possible future direction by checking out this thread:

As for whether or not you should focus on VO2 for a little while, you need to ask yourself: “Is my VO2 max a limiter?” That is to say, does my VO2 max restrict me in the types of races I am doing?

For example, if you were a 24-hour racer, you won’t VO2 max in your races at all. Your VO2 Max could be a weakness, but it would not be a limiter. Therefore, you would not want to dedicate significant time on improving your VO2 max since it has a minimal effect on your race fitness.

If you were a short track mountain bike racer, VO2 Max is crucial to your races, so a lowVO2 Max would be both a limiter and a weakness. In this case, you may want to dedicate a training block to developing this energy system.

Does that make sense?


Wow that sounds awesome. Do u guys have data from various racers and levels ? IE most cat 2 crit racers can produce 130% ftp for X minutes and have an ftp of Z Watts/kg ? I know on the pod cast there have been talks with guys with crazy power Kabush and so on, but that’s hard to relate to a lesser athlete.

You mean something like this?: Creating Your Power Profile

That’s prefect, I’ve seen the FTP # before but the other time domains are super helpful thanks

We’re in the formative stages currently, and we’re keeping our approach close to our chest for now :wink:


Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with! Nate has hinted at it enough times at this point :wink: