Elite Zumo Trainer

Has anyone seen any reviews of recent of the Elite Zumo?

Only thing I can see is from @dcrainmaker last year noting some issues and it was withdrawn from sale but now Halfords in the UK are listing at £450.

Has anyone bought one?

DCR was asked a couple of times about it and the last time I’ve seen him comment on it he said the issues still weren’t fixed. I would suggest waiting a couple of weeks for eurobike unless you get a good deal. I was to impatient and went with a Direto for £480.

Perhaps it was replaced with this upcoming model? I’ve never actually seen one in the wild.

The Zumo had some kind of limited distribution arrangement… It has randomly popped up here and there… but not everywhere. I have one here. It hasn’t passed my Lama Lab Test. A firmware update is pending… and has been for a while so it’s in the box waiting for that, or to be euthanized.

I’ll have more details on the ride experience of the Suito once/if it also passes the Lama Lab Test. If not, it’ll get in line with the growing stack of “yeah, not this” trainers I’ve been collecting lately.

In the mean time my advice - Looking for “new and cheap” typically ends in tears. There’s known good options out there, even from Elite themselves. The Direto has been on sale recently iirc. The CORE is also a rock solid performer if you can get over the “it had issues when first released” legacy. My CORE hasn’t missed a beat.

Eurobike is so close we can smell it. And there’s ALWAYS new trainers at Eurobike.


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See above from DCR updated situation with our Zumo.

Zumo is a current model offered to selected partners around the world
We are manufacturing with pride Zumo trainers as we speak here in Italy together with our other models like Drivo II, Direto X, Suito, etc. Same production lines, same materials, same QC procedures.
It is our priority to continuously improve our trainers with firmware updates to offer the best experience to our customers and Zumo gets the same attention as the other trainers currently in our range.
We actually issued an update back in July to improve ERG mode and eliminate power spikes with sudden slope changes at high speed and the Elite team has worked on a new update which will be issued in the next days with other improvements. These are very detailed and specific updates that fine tune a nevertheless fine performing trainer and clearly all customers can update their current version anytime.


I picked one up in Halfords yesterday, also bagged 10% AA member discount so it’s a bit of a bargain for a direct drive trainer. I also own a Neo (Zumo is to replace a second trainer as I split my time between home and work).

Looking forward to the FW update, at the moment it doesn’t seem to play well with TR Powermatch (for some reason it reports exactly half the power of my 4iiii crank PM) but with the inbuilt Elite Power Meter Link mode it’s perfectly useable. This could be a quirk in my setup or an error on my part would be interested to hear other people’s experiences.

I think there is a setting called ‘half power’ or ‘50% power’ which needs to be enabled in the advanced settings on the unit to overcome single sided power meters as it is basically just using the value it is given.

Had the Zumo for about a month now and have to say I think it is an amazing bit of kit. Totally changed my training coming from a dumb tyre on trainer whereby I would often blow before the end of a session by always going over the prescribed wattage and short power intervals were almost always impossible to do.

£405 with BC discount I would definitely recommend the unit.

The half power setting is for the internal power link function I believe. I had the issue when using the TrainerRoad power match function.


GPLama didn’t mention a release date (at least I don’t think he did). Now I’m wondering if I should return the wahoo kickr snap I just bought and is currently on its way to me and buy a zumo…

The Zumo has been out for a year, availability has been limited though. It sounds like they are rolling it out to a lot more retailers. I think it just depends where you’re based.

Hi, after viewing the GPLama review of this trainer it would seem all the issues are resolved? In fact it seemed like a glowing report for a trainer at this price point. Interested in buying one but worried about future support for this model based on it’s history of being taken off the market to be fixed. Can anyone one here recommend?


If anything is going to sway me to a smart trainer it’s this. I’ll never be on Zwift, I tend to not do sprints, it seems absolutely perfect for someone who is only going to use TrainerRoad. Currently £399 in Halfords in the UK with the dreaded Black friday offering. I must admit, despite my previous comments regarding not needing a smart trainer I’m seriously tempted.


If your a member of BC you also get a further 10% off. I’m thinking about getting the zumo as well :grinning:

I did indeed :grin: . Didn’t think they’d honour it as it was already discounted but £359…

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The small print says not applicable for the purchase of turbo trainers :grinning: but theres never any harm in trying :wink:

Let us know what you think of it.

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Well that was good, first ride Wright Peak -2 and I think it’s these sorts of sessions where this trainer will come into its own. Just sit there and watch the tv knowing that as long as the cadence is maintained the session is getting done.

I like it.

Zumo first ride

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I always had the impression that a smart trainer would prevent you from over shooting your power which is why you see some workout graphs with a line which is bang on the blue. Well it’s not like this with this one, the power line is as squiggly as before on my KK Road but the trainer is just preventing the interval average from being too high.
Is there a difference between trainers with regard to this?

Isn’t that just the actual power readings as there is a tolerance and its not smoothed.