Elite trainer Power map / Power table interpretation


For almost 2 years I have an Elite Suito indoor trainer.
Last year I bought the double sided Garmin Rally power meter and did multiple comparisons between the Suito and Rally pedals.

The Elite Suito doesn’t have a power sensor. The power is calculated based on speed and resistance using a “power map”. (Source:

Last year I contacted Elite support because my power readings were off. They let me follow a procedure and gave me a new power map. The power matched better to the Garmin Rally, but still about 10% off with higher power (while sprinting or Vo2Max intervals). Last year I didn’t really care, because in the range 200W-300W it was pretty good. This winter I’m doing more Zwift racing, so now I do care that my sprinting power is accurate on the Elite Suito :slight_smile:

Below the original power map:

The power map after the procedure with Elite support:

An option is to go back and forth again with Elite support, but I rather understand the power map myself so I can tweak it to perfection.

Does anyone know how to interpret the numbers in the power map?