Difference 4IIII Precision 3 and Elite Suito 2021

Hello everyone,

I have noticed a big difference in my power output from my 4IIII and my Suito.
I used to train with the powerlink on, but the last two weeks I have trained with my old bike on the trainer with no powerlink and no 4IIII. My training at the same set FTP was alot harder than normal. I thought I might be sick or overtrained. After some ‘research’ I noticed a big difference between my 4IIII and my Suito, being that the powernumbers on my suito are alot lower than the ones on my 4IIII.
That makes it hard to train with my old bike on the turbo. Now I find it hard to figure out which gives me the correct readings…
I’ll add a graph to show the difference. The Suito is acting weird according to the logs. I also noticed that the graph is not equal to what I was seeing IRL. Almost all of the time the 4IIII gave me higher numbers than the Suito on Zwift.

Anyone know what this could be or how I could fix it?

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Stick to just one
I’d personally just stick to the suito readings all the way, not adding the 4iii in the mix and to remember in the meantime that there’s a difference between the 2 when you go outside with the 4iiii only. Especially if you’re gonna swap bikes here and there.
Also what’s the geometry of the other bike? Going from a roadie to say, a TT bike might give you different power as well due to aero position and angling and what not. (For some people that doesn’t happen/differ)

I’m riding a TCR advanced 2021 almost all the time. The old bike has about the same geometry.
I have been training with power from my 4IIII for the past year now though.
Would it not be strange to train with a completely different FTP then? Seeing that I cannot get to the wattages I need to get (training schedule) with the Suito. I know I need to get lower wattages on the Suito in orde to train the same, but I have no clue on how to determine those then or visa verse…

Thanks for the reply!

Is this a single or dual sided?

I’ve a single sided 4iiii that came with my UDi2 and it is off significantly enough from other PMs that it is frustrating. I’ve used 4 different PMs outside (Quark that comes w/ AXS Red, SRM crank based, Assioma Duo and 4iiii single sided) and 1 inside (Elite Suito), and all but 4iiii agree on power pretty well. Here is Assioma vs. 4iiii:

Elite Suito vs. Assioma:

And for fun, here are a couple graphs from almost 3 years ago of the same Elite Suito but a different 4iiii single-sided:

And a third one which strangely shows data a lot closer (from 3 years ago):

In short - I don’t find 4iiii to be reliable :frowning:
My L/R balance has always ranged from 52/48 to 50/50, never strayed much from there. That will undoubtedly account for some of the difference in power readings, as I slightly favor my left leg, but it does not account for 10-15%.

Yeah, I have a similar problem with my Suito. When it was new, it tracked my Quarq DZero within the margin of error as far as I could tell. Now the Suito reads significantly lower. It also isn’t an offset problem, the slope is different. When I found this out, it broke my heart, shattered my world and triggered my OCD: I want the numbers to match!!

In the end I decided to stick to the Quarq’s power numbers — not just because it reads higher (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but also because that’s the power meter I use when riding outdoors. Diagnosing this further would require me to get another smart trainer or a set of power meter pedals, something I’m not going to do.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I dont mind one being off, since I tend to train in that data all the time. For me it’s just really annoying that my second source, being the Suito without powerlink, is way off to the other source. Seeing that other People have the same issue, alsof read it on the zwift forums, I guess I’ll have to keep putting my bike on and off the trainer to ride with powerlink instead of keeping my old bike on the Suito all the time.

Do you mean TR’s powermatch ? Powermatch is quite good IMO. Elite’s powerlink with my Suito and my Favero Be Pro S was terrible though. IIRC, it lagged well behind the single sided pm at higher cadence and if intervals were short it never caught up at all. I ditched it years ago in favour of powermatch.

Elite Suito has known power readings up to 20% lower:

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Thanks for the link, I am “glad” I am not alone and feel a bit more at ease. I am a bit disappointed with the lack of consistency.


Can’t you adjust the 4iiii output on the app to match your trainer (roughly)?

The problem is the lack of Suito consistency; at low cadence it’ll be close to a pm but at high cadence it’ll be way out. Its not a consistent difference.


Yeah… What I’ve done thus far in TR is just use the resistance mode (manual) on the trainer and use the power readings of the PM. It’s tough on the short VO2 max workouts but better than the alternative.