Elite Support details

Hi anyone got details for Elite Support. I have a part of a Suito Trainer which i need replaced. Bearings are destroyed. Any help appreciated

I used their site; Elite Support, a while ago and they shipped the parts I needed straight away, had them delivered in just a few days. Very impressive.


If you are in the US, contact Todson, who are the US a agents for Elite.

Had an issue a few years ago (peak pandemic) with a weird noise on my Direto. They sent a replacement Direto X and got me squared away.

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Echo @Matt_Sammekull . There can be a time delay with them being in Italy depending on where you are but they have always been very responsive & helpful for me. Even sent me a new circuit board when my trainer was out of warranty.


They did the same for me.

Elite Support is great. The trainer itself isn’t quite as good as my old kickr. Too many issues. Perhaps my bearings are shot too! hah.

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Its the bearings on this bit that are shot.

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How did you know to look there? Symptoms? (just so I know to take a look)

Lucky you guys… i opened my ticket with them Jan 4th, still don’t have the part i need to attempt to repair.

Trainer isn’t usable. (i’m in the great white north)

The noise, went from slight knocking to catastrophic banging etc. Was obvious something had given up.

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Elite came back within a couple of days, unfortunately the part is not user replaceable as the part needs to be calibrated in the factory after fitting. They will replace and calibrated the part forre of charge if i ship the unit. So 70 euro return carraige is better than 550 for a new one.

Interesting, I’ve had a slight knocking since day one, which only seems to occur with a certain resistance and rpm, its got worse though :thinking:

No knocking on my Direto (yet). But replacing the circuit board was easy and they sent me a new one even though I didnt have a receipt nor was I the original owner.

The machine itself is alright. Just doesn’t seem as easy to pedal or ‘smooth’ like my kickr I got rid of. Always feels like there is this extra resistance. Either way, I may try and get something else.