Elite Direto Thru Axle Compatibility

I’m confused as to what I need to do to make my Direto 142x12 thru axle compatible. I didn’t keep the box of adapters that came with my trainer.

I found a link to the spare parts that I need, but it literally doesn’t give an option to use a US shipping address.


Also, what does this do? Do I need it?


I have the direto. I use it with my gravel bike. A Canyon Grail, this bike has thru axle. All I needed to add was the first piece on the left from the first link. I don’t think you need the part in the second link. H

  • It is an adapter for other trainers, that you don’t need, once you get the replacement for the parts you discarded.

I am only finding non-US sellers for the main axle adapter kit you need. You may have to contact Elite directly, to see if they can point you in a direction of someone who can sell you the parts.

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Contact Todson Importers in Boston…they are the US distributor for Elite. Should be able to get you squared away. I had better luck calling them vs. e-mail when I had a warranty issue on my Direto. They were super-helpful.

Tel: 800-213-4561 ext.1
Email: info@todson.com


I think Elite uses the same parts for a lot (all?) their trainers here. To “convert” my Elite trainer all I needed was insert a small nut that goes into the non-drive side.

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Yeah, I need that specific part.

From the first picture you need the adapter on the far left and the one in the middle - i’ll post a pic of the parts and sheet that comes in the same bag when i do my session in a few mins :slight_smile:

There you go.

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Yeah, I was gonna say he would need an adapter on both sides of the trainer, not just the left. Good catch.

That’s right, I forgot about the other one.

Just wanted to say thanks. I finally got it (although I received the wrong parts multiple times, but I can’t complain since they offered it free!)

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Who did you end up getting the parts through? I’m in the same boat except wanting to use my QR bike and only have the thru axle adapters. Elite has been out of stock every time I look. Thanks!

They shipped them out almost right away, but got the order wrong a couple times so had to be re-shipped. I’d just e-mail the todson email.