Elite Suito / Direto Trainer Updates

I’ve not updated my self yet but I see on @GPLama you tube page that they’ve updated the Suito and Direto.

New Features for ELITE Direto XR & Suito Smart Trainers and Massive Price Drops! - YouTube

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Another price article, including Wahoo Core.


Thanks for posting! Picked up two Diretos up a month or two ago on closeout from a distributor for an obscene price to replace our aging 2016 Kickrs. The noise reduction and overall smoothness is awesome, but ERG mode is terrible. Hoping this update helps!

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Hm that makes the Kickr Core actually competitive now, The Elites were often available around the new MSRP price points around here in deals, which happened relatively often.

Now I will need to think about getting, a Kickr Core, Zwift Hub or a direto to replace my Suito, because it developed some grinding noises and I can’t for the live of me find out what the cause is exactly

It could be something entirely different but my Suito developed a grinding noise anout a year after I first got it (right in the middle of lockdown) I had to take a large adjustable wrench to nut on the other side of the cassette and fingers crossed for the last 3 years that seems to have sorted it.

Will try to tighten that and see if it helps, at the moment it doesn’t seem to impact the functionality, but the noise is annoiying.

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