Elite Nero - Bluetooth to TR (yay or nay?)

I’ve used TR for years, for the last 3 I’ve been on 2nd hand Elite Arion smart rollers.

First the resistance started dropping off, so I added a power meter. Using power match things went alright.

Now for the last while the +/- swings of the power is increasing. TR support has been very helpful in trying to help troubleshoot. But we’ve decided the control unit on the trainer is likely coming towards it’s end of life.

I love the rollers and am looking at the newer Nero smart rollers.

Does the smart Nero connect and allow resistance to be controlled via Bluetooth?

Currently I’m using a PC with a usb extension cable to an ANT+ dongle next to the rollers.

When I try and connect using Bluetooth the rollers will connect to the PC and TR will see them in the devices menu, but the resistance will not change during a workout. This also means I can’t use TR and the rollers on either the iPhone or iPad that I have access too.

Do the Nero smart rollers allow TR control using Bluetooth?

Sigma sports say it has both

  • Interactive rollers with ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth connectivity

Elite Nero Smart B+ FE-C Rollers | Sigma Sports

Yes the Nero is different to the arion B+ as that specifically calls out that bluetooth resistance is proprietary where the Nero is “Bluetooth Smart” - you should be fine?

from sigmasports arion smart B+ page

  • Total interaction with devices via ANT+ (FE-C) protocol
  • Resistance managed via the standard ANT+ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control) profile and power
  • Power, speed and cadence data sent via the standard Bluetooth service
  • Resistance managed via the proprietary Bluetooth service

I sold my Arion B+ rollers about 3 years ago :thinking:

Update: Elite support had me run another calibration and use their myETraining software a couple times. They checked the workouts and said the trainer is operating as good as can be expected.

Regarding the Arion Smart B+ and swings in power during long intervals:

Good Morning

Please take note that during the training the trainer has an heating
This heating produce a reduction of the power, this is not an issue of the trainer but it is the normal power behavior when you have an heating

The trainer as it was an entry level interactive roller does not consider this heating so it does not adjust the resistance to consider the heating, so therefore on your bike power sensor you see this power reduction

This power reduction cannot be eliminated (it is a limit of the roller)

In your case nothing can be done to correct the power reduction

Elite srl

I asked and they replied that the Nero does in fact have temperature compensation. I’m going to cut vents into the plastic housing on the Arion and see if the swings settle down at all.

For example, a recent workout: