Elite Nero - Assioma pedals - TR - finally well tuned

As I searched for few months the right way to tune my setup, I finally succed. And I want to share with people who could need my setip!
my equipment:
-Nero Elite smart trainer
-assioma duo pedals
-TR on computer (bluetooth)
-garmin 530 (to check and measure the cycling dynamics - Allways more data :slight_smile: !)

I had issues with speed response, the PID of the whole regulating force in the trainer was not optimal at all, and as I begin short burst intervell, I needed a more accurate, responsive system. by trying, error, and thinking, I succeed to get all of these!

So here is the setup:
1-the nero elite trainer should be configured using the android app frome nero and must be paired with the pedals, it uses it as power reading.

2-trainer road should be paired with the pedals (to read the power) and uses cadence AND power, BUT the power match should be disabled. so that nero rule the ERG alone, and TR send the target power to nero.

I double checked with the garmin 530 via ant+, and the power is from the assioma power source!


I hope it will help someone!