Help me with my indoor setup (Bluetooth troubleshooting)

I’m having trouble with my smart rollers. They seem to switch over to resistance mode mid workout, or don’t actually enter erg mode. The rollers have a power floor that depends on gear/cadence) so I don’t know whether the rollers will react until there’s a change in power. This is usually what happens:


I’m running the TR app on an iPhone 7 connected to:

  • Elite Arion smart rollers
  • Power2max ngeco power meter
  • Polar H10 HR monitor

At the same time (especially during work hours) I’m using my laptop with bluetooth earphones, all 2m from my wifi router. The rollers performs well when I’m not using the HRM. I’m guessing there’s too much going on and the rollers get switch to resistance mode. I can’t really do anything about the location of the router and my workout space.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have you contacted to review your issue?

Have you tried wired headphones or what we do is use Messenger for audio and keep the laptop for the TR app and video if a group ride.
The H10 will work to 2 devices with no problems.

I had a similar issue with my Elite Direto. Power-cycle the rollers (ie plug out, wait 10 seconds, plug back in), then power up the TR app and connect to the rollers.

I also created a short 1 min custom workout with power steps to confirm the trainer was functioning in erg mode correctly. I ran that before starting my main workout.

And one additional item - confirm the rollers function correctly first “by themselves” ie without using your powermeter/powermatch.

Once you know the rollers are working OK, then add the powermeter/powermatch.