Elite thru-axle adapter issue

I picked up an Elite Zumo used and while it is supposed to come with QR and thru-axle adapters, the seller didn’t have the TA ones. OK because I have a QR bike I can use but really would rather put the TA road bike on so I source the adapter kit. It should be a straightforward thing, the non-drive side adapter simply slips in, no problem there. The fun begins with the drive side, it threads on but it looks like the person who put it together massively overtightened it, almost completely stripped the internal hex socket and it will not loosen. I tried to do it gently with locking pliers but it won’t budge and I don’t want to really clamp down had on it because it is soft aluminum and while I have the extra one from the kit, I don’t want to screw up the hub threading in any way and rendering the trainer useless.

Thought or ideas on getting it off non-destructively?