Freehub part of Elite direto

Hi all,

Does anybody know if I can buy this part online or at a LBS

It is the part where the fork of the bycicle is placed on the Elite Direto.

My apologies to bother you with this question but I already contacted the customer care of Elite without any luck so far.

Many thanks in advance

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Hey mate, I have an elite direto too, but I’m pretty confident your LBS would have one in stock or be able to quickly get one in, surely.

Do you need the endcap (to fit a different size frame on the trainer) or the actual freehub (the piece that the cassette is mounted to)?

Here’s what an endcap looks like:

Here’s a freehub:

On the off chance you mean the cassette lockring, here’s what that looks like:

If you’re using a Campy cassette, you can use this freehub:

I wasn’t able to find other compatible freehubs for the Direto or endcaps. Your best bet is definitely to take it to a local bike shop and have them fix it for you.

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It is the endcap I’m looking for. I just lost this part because i used to place my mtb on the direto but now I will be using my road bike. Do you know if you can only buy this part (Shimano 11 speed) without the freehub? I searched on the internet to no avail.

Thanks for the answer!

I have a Direto too, so I went out in the garage aka my pain cave and took a look at the part in question. I can see now what situation you are in (the end cap is threaded on - at least on my Hope hub the end cap is pressed on). I did some research and I found this forum post. The guy/gal was in the same place as you, seems like they got it sorted out though… Perhaps you could reach out to him/her and figure out how they did it. She/He said Elite would send the part…

Sorry, I wish I could be of more help but at least you have a rabbit trail to follow.


Like @GravelNut said, I think this endcap is specific to your Drivo since it threads on. I’m crossing my fingers that you can find one or Elite can send you one!

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Elite is relatively responsive in the direto facebook group.

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Hi, I have the same problem. How die you solve it? Thanks, Tom.

I contacted the elite helpdesk via email and they did sent me the part for free.

Thanks for your swift reply. Their helpdesk is not very responsive …

In my case it took them 4 days to respond but they handled my request swiftly. My contactperson was

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