Elite Direto Barrel Connector

I am at a loss at how to find out this information, so would be very appreciative if anyone knows the answer.

What is the barrel connector internal and external diameter for the Elite Direto?

I have an male-female extension cable that is 5.5mm x 2.1mm and it does not fit.

Thanks in advance.

From a little searching around it’s most likely a 2.5mm x 5.5mm.

Does the outer barrel look to be the same size on your extension?

Thanks for the reply.

The external diameter seems smaller on the elite provided connector. But the inner seems greater, that will support your thinking that it’s 2.5mm.

So maybe 4.7mm x 2.5mm

I am being leant some callipers at the end of this week to test.

For anyone wondering, Elite replied to my support request stating the connector size is 5mm x 1.5mm.

Now to find an extension cable with that diameter…