Elite Directo XR set up issues

Hi. I’ve just bought an Elite Directo XR. I have a Scott Addict 2020 which has a thru axel size 12x142. I am trying to use spacer F which is provided with the trainer on the same side as the cassette. I seem to have an issue whereby the spacer won’t screw all the way in which then doesn’t allow the axel to screw into the spacer. So should the spacer screw all the way In - I have seen a YouTube that suggests it should screw all the way and then be loose. It appears as though the tube in the trainer might be incorrectly installed by the manufacturer.

Any help appreciated as I have spent hours trying to find a fix.

Edit: Well… Elite have swapped the part numbers for the XR… :man_shrugging:t2:

E for non-drive side and F for drive side on the XR. From memory the F part is a fiddle to get lined up and sitting properly where it should. They did a redesign of this part at some point so it screwed in but I can’t locate one of those updated adapters here, so I’m not sure which the XR shipped with.

I’ll take a guess and say it’s just your bike not sitting properly on the F adapter.

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This is what spacer F looks like

That’s the good one! It’s screwing in ok?

No it doesn’t screw in all the way - I think it is supposed to… I think the tube where the yellow arrow highlights is stopping it from going all the way in.

Hmmm… Here’s an XR in the Lama Lab… you’re right about that tube getting in the way.

Thanks again for your help - the photos of what it should look like put my mind at rest it’s the trainer not the installer! Looks like it will need to go back to be replaced.

If you want to keep tinkering with it, here are some additional measurements from the unit here to check against:


Many thanks for all your help - yours was actually one of the YouTube channels I looked at originally!

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