Elite Athletes using TR to prep for Cape Epic

Nice feature article on an elite athlete training for a XC Stage race. Here’s a screen shot of him using TR for some serious threshold work.


Thanks so much for sharing!

Looks like his training is working!
After Stage 2 he is in 5th place, 13min behind Nino.
Awesome to see the two South Africans in 6th… (I am South African, and this is great to see them up there!)
Still a long long way to go before this one is done!



With Gaze having pulled out, let’s hope Beers and Hatherley can push hard for a podium. We know Nino/Lars will win, barring any disasters/mechanicals, but will be lekker to see a Saffer team on the podium. :slight_smile:

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He is not just any average Elite Athlete. Last season he won overall U23 mens XCO wc. The normal procedure for norwegian mtb-talents is that they become roadies or XC skiers. This is for economic reasons as XC skiing is quite big here, and in skiing and road cycling you can become proffesional even at a relatively “low” level.
With Fagerhaug it seems he has got his priorities straight and it seems that he just keeps on loving mountainbiking. This season he is a proffesional at Correndon Circus, and will compete in the world cup xco as teammate with Mathieu Van der Poel.
Training-wise he is from the environment around mtb/bike part of Lillehammer university which have got some great results in the pure endurance-part of cycling, and they cooperate with other research environments in norway focused on XC-skiing. As functional (and cheap) as trainerroad is I am not surprised that they/he uses it :slight_smile:

I believe, and hope, that we will see big things from mr Fagerhaug, much bigger than Cape Epic :slight_smile:


That sounds like a lot of who can go into the pain box the longest racing. It is amazing to see how hard these guys can go. They even push Nino :slight_smile: