Electrolyte mix to water ratio

My question is in regard to electrolyte:water ratios. I’ll start by saying, I’m aware that the temperature/humidity is a huge factor here and that will always be top of mind. I race purely xc marathon (4 hour) locally with a couple of 50 mile backcountry races as my A&B races. After some trial and error I have decided that my best bet is to have two bottles on me at all times (not a fan of a water pack) preferably switching both bottles out simultaneously as needed. One bottle has my electrolyte/carb mix and the other just water. Skratch labs calls for 1.5 scoops per bottle, but since I prefer to have one bottle of just water, should I be mixing my electrolyte bottle with 3 scoops? On first thought it seems obvious that I should be doubling up my electrolytes, but something tells me it might not be necessary. I would like to hear any experience/recommendations anyone might have. Thanks.

Im not sure one bottle of water and one bottle of double concentrate would be quite as effective as two bottles of correct concentration.

Check out the trainer road podcast with andy blow from precision hydration

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yes 2-3x in 1 bottle is pretty normal in 1 bottle especially if you are going to be only getting water on a course.

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