elbow/UCL surgery?

Had “golfers elbow” for a year and a half. Had an MRI and found out it’s chronic tendonitis and a partial UCI tear. Steroid shot, rest, stretching and later a PRP injection a few months ago and it’s worse actually. Next step is more than likely surgery. Anyone ever have surgery for a partial or complete UCL tear? Curious about time off of the bike/recovery? I’ll obviously follow doctor’s orders but just wondering what to expect and hear some common experiences. Thanks.

How did this go? Have you recovered well?

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Super unlikely the UCL is the source of your pain, unless you’re throwing fastballs.
More likely just chronic medial epicondylitis.
If someone suggested UCL reconstruction, get another opinion

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Forgot I posted this here. The info in my OP was a slight misunderstanding on my part. The MRI did show the UCL tear along with tons of inflammation. He didn’t think it was the source of most of my pain. Just thought it was weird cause I don’t thow, baseballs, javelin, etc…

Anyway, I had surgery and the UCL was partially torn but the main issue was chronic tendonitis in the golfers elbow tendon. Forget the name of it.

The real fun came after the surgery. The surgical wound wasn’t getting proper blood flow and the flesh started to die. Had to go to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for and hour a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks. And once a week have them dig out the dead flesh. Finally healed. Have a nasty scar though. My days of inner elbow modeling are done.

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There may be a small market for inner elbow modeling with scar. I imagine that’s a rarified group, so perhaps it pays well.

Joking aside at least you’re repaired.

Maybe seriously fringe, fetish stuff.

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