Elapsed time vs total time?

I am trying to figure out how much additional time I added to a couple of recent workouts where I needed a bit more recovery, or back-pedaled/paused in the middle of an interval. Strava and TR both show elapsed time = the prescribed time. I know my actual workout was longer, but is there a way to figure out how much additional recovery I added, and where I inserted it? I know I can see it in the data i.e. cadence/hr/power, but I don’t see how long I paused…?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get this via the TR based workouts.

They acknowledged the difference and potential impact in some threads discussion power PR’s over time that was paused or back pedaled. But they offered no solution as far as I can remember.


Bummer. As I’ve entered into the power build phase of training, I have been finding with too much regularity that I need some longer recovery between the longer Vo2 intervals, or that I sometimes just don’t feel comfortable red lining HR for 4, 6 or 8 mins, so I take 1 or 2 intermediary pauses. I don’t time these, but rather wait for HR to recovery slightly before jumping back in…

Your heart is longer lasting than your legs :wink: but if your feeling the need to recover longer, then maybe your FTP is a little too high. Or the room you’re in is too warm? Hotter environment the higher the HR too

I think the only way to see this is to use an additional device, like your cycling computer. As an example, a few days ago I skipped ahead a little during two early rest intervals in Palisade. (I was impatient.) After the skipping ahead my Edge showed me 2m20s ahead of the TR app in Windows. (Oh yeh, the last two intervals of Palisade were really hard, but I don’t know if it was because I had less rest.:smiley:)


@wbendus I use TR on my Mac to drive my Tacx NEO. So same results as you experience. But as my bike also has a Quarq power meter I can also collected ride data on my Garmin. So the actual complete ride, including if I need to get off my bike, can be uploaded and available to analyze Training Peaks and WK04.

I ran this dual set up for the first month or so using TR to verify that my TR-Tacx Neo set up worked well and subsequently for a single time that where I wanted to do an overall and interval-based power comparison analysis. Since my stoppages are very infrequent and seldom during the interval, I feel that a one minute stoppage during a 5-8 min RI is irrelevant and thus don’t feel I need the info.

Conversely, a month or so ago I did have a ridiculously hard workout where I did need to backpedal. But that was easy to see on TR as the output shows both the downward spike in power and a discontinuity in HR data (HR drop) and I find that is sufficient info for my needs.