Editing within the podcast

Hey guys! long time listener, I just wanted to open a discussion about some recent thing i’ve noticed (I think) on the podcast, which is jarring with me a little.

I think i’ve noticed the small pauses in between the hosts speaking have been edited out, on more recent podcasts. I’m not fully up to date, having listened from the start and working my way through (currently on 443), but I’ve noticed the the change in editing and wondered if anyone else had?

I personally find it makes for a bit of an unnatural listening. Often i find my focus drifting actually not to what is being said but more to like, the breathing, or to the choppy editing. I wondered if anyone else felt the same? Maybe I’ll get used to it! or maybe actually the reason it’s done was to make it more concise and maybe I’m in the minority - people want more concise podcast, so they can cram more info in, and this ‘feeling’ is a small trade off. In which case, totally get it, makes sense!

It’s not a criticism of the editing btw, from what I know and understand (little) I think the way the pod is being edited, would be the only way to edit it to reduce the small silent moments & actually maybe just because I’ve back to backed so many pods, i’m more sensitive to it.

More i was thinking if others feel the same way as me, maybe it can save the people editing it a whole butt load of time. Surely it takes huge time to edit the pod in that way…?

Either way, what does everyone think? Am i just mad, or has what i’ve said resonated with anyone?

Want to close on a positive; I hugely love the pod, you guys do a straight up fantastic job! the content is awesome, the hosts are great, guests are excellent! I love the people within the pod too, like the chemistry and natural conversations and for me who doesn’t really have many people to talk bikes with, it also scratches a kind of social bike talk itch too! So the comment is a super super minor thing, and yeah just to see if anyone else had noticed, or it was just me!

Thanks guys!