Ebbetts in ERG or Manual

The last six months i’ve been using the Kickr 2018 in ERG mode. I’ve noticed these quick sprints, the Kickr doesn’t give enough resistance and then you end up with these sprints with a shortage of power. I was thinking of giving manual a shot again, trying to get used to it for sprints like this one. I’ve got a couple more where manual might be beneficial, such as Taylor -2 and Clark.

Thanks for the input.

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ERG all day, every day.


Thanks, I think I’ve just pushed through in the past with ERG mode but I over think things all the time. Constantly trying to see if there is a way to improve.

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So I did ebbets today too. I use a 2018 Kickr and I too had the issue of slow reaction. When looking at my ride analysis the cart shows that I didn’t hit my wattage even though the power bar was green during the workout. I dont’ feel like I got the full benefit of the workout even though @mcneese.chad chad says ERG all day, every day. What do you think Chad?

if you look here it appears I didn’t hit the mark or is the power for the Sprint the average and includes the delayed ramp up?


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Those aren’t all-out sprints, I wouldn’t be concerned about getting the full benefit. Here are the goals for sprints in Ebbetts:

Ebbetts also aims to increase your ability to generate a lot of power in a very short period of time via increases in how much muscle you can activate as well as how quickly you can do it.

These muscle-activating tags are short enough to avoid overwhelming your muscles as long as a quick cadence is utilized, so spin quickly through the bursts and then promptly return to your pre-burst cadence.

Try to keep your cadence above 85rpm during the majority of the intervals and then as fast as you can control during the bursts, ideally above 110rpm.

I’ve got a Kickr 2017 (wheel-off), use TR’s PowerMatch with a Stages crank power-meter, and have found that hitting the 5-sec targets in Erg is a skill you can develop. Here are some 180% 5-sec sprint intervals from two weeks ago:

And I actually hit the power target on sprint 1, if you delay the start of the 5-sec window by 1 second. Its easy to see with the Search feature:

The point of these sprints is to teach your body to quickly unleash a large amount of power, which requires your brain and muscles to work together.


Another one for ERG here. While I find my Kickr jumps the gun a bit on resistance (ie, opposite of lag) it is predictable and consistent so easy to work with.


As both side above, ERG for me. You can look at the Interval Summary, but I find it misleading on these short and sharp efforts. What seems best is to zoom in and review the graph. See links above for greater detail

Some of my workouts, in ERG with jumps.


For such short intervals, the summary will always show a shortfall, due to both the delay in reaching the target on the ramp-up and the 1-second early drop-off on the end of the interval. You have reached the target power, but the average over the 5 seconds did not. Zoom in on one of your spikes and it will be clear.


Did Ebbets yestarday on Kickr Core in ERG mode. I think a few surges were practically missing, power numbers stayed below FTP and also I did not feel any difference on resistance. Roughly 2/3 surger worked just fine. I think if I tried to speed up my cadence before the surge, the Kickr was not able to adjust tho power, meaning I missed the surge.


Just my 2 cents, thanks.

I have Ebbets coming up this week and I have not done this workout yet with H3. I see in your ride notes that you shifted to the big ring. Is this necessary in ERG mode? Just curious…

Why don’t you try the following, in ERG mode set it at e.g. your SS intensity and then ride 1 minute in the little ring and somewhere in the middle of the cassette. Then shift to the big ring and somewhere towards smallest cog of the cassette and ride 1 minute at that same intensity. Feel any difference?

Its not necessary, but it’s a decent hack to help with the power jump and not waiting as long for the resist to change on its own.

I did ebbets today on a 2017(?) kickr snap in ERG. I use a pretty quick cadence, but I tried to actively accelerate and overpedal on these and didnt have a problem hitting the numbers. However, Im using a left side crank based powermeter and powermatch and it looks like you may just be using the built in PM. I still think you could hit the numbers if you tried to accelerate.

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