Hitting VO2 30s/1m power with ERG

Can you share a link to your workout (assuming your TR account is “Public”) or at the very least, a picture of the intervals so we can see the power and cadence of your efforts?

Outside of that, I will try to find my prior post, but be aware that the lag you see at the start of an interval is often similar at the end. Functionally, your are likely getting most of the loading desired, but it may be “shifted” on the timeline. As a result, the Interval Summary may show you are “missing” the values, while you are actually getting the right loading, just delayed.

Some search results that may help:

And to add one of my tricks, I often slow my cadence about 5 rpm in the 10-15 seconds before these kicks. Once the interval applies the trainer resistance, I ramp up my cadence to whatever I aim for (100-120 rpm depending on the power target and duration). This “slow start” helps kick up the measured power a bit as I quickly increase my cadence for the work interval.