E-Racing Training Plan

Hi everyone - after my last mtb enduro event of the season I like to spend my winter e-racing usually on a Tuesday and a Saturday and would like to a short term (3-4 month) plan to help maintain my fitness and make me competitive in the e-races. They often have a very hard start into threshold with regular over threshold or into anaerobic digs (especially on hilly courses of 2-5 minutes) and then finish with a sprint. Whilst I know I can’t train everything, what speciality should I choose for the plan or should I just go for train Now (but that does seem a bit aimless)?


Short Power Build seems most appropriate, then XCO Specialty.

I’m very into e-racing on Zwift. I started a year ago and am “ranked” in the top 200 on ZP, blah blah.

Personally, I just train a lot of high Coggan Z2 up to (sparingly) SS. Selections actually rarely happen on the climbs. (If you get dropped on the climb, you’re going to get killed at the end of the race anyway.) Most courses there is enough flat before the finish that you really can’t make a big move on the climbs. The climbs are there to make you tired before the actual selection.

The key is to arrive fresh for the late break or sprint. I find the best medicine for this is overall volume / stress, which is easiest to accumulate as I said above. Your efforts will be while racing anyway.

In other words, don’t use TR.