DVT, recovery and getting back to training

First time I had a DVT I was given Warfarin, which was a pain in the *ss to manage. Most recently I was given Apixaban (Eliquis) which was so much less hassle.

Good to see medical science moving on!


Yeah I’ve heard so many complaints about the “old school” blood thinners, I am on Xarelto and have found it to be pretty straightforward, effective at reducing the swelling / getting blood moving with no side effects.

Thanks for your input @Nagden and @Textuality - appreciate it.


Man, I was on Warfarin for several years and the constant INR tests were a complete pain! At times I was going in weekly, although sometimes I managed to stretch it out to 6 weeks at best.

Now I’m on rivaroxaban/Xarelto, which means no blood tests. \o/ The downside is, I believe, no reversal drug therapy. So if I had a massive stack on the bike I’d be a much higher risk of excessive blood loss.

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I also had a DVT in my left calf and thigh several years ago, and went through a Xarelto treatment. I was tested for Factor V Leiden in the ER which ended up coming back positive.

The thing I wanted to add to this thread is that I later did 23andMe and their genetic testing also confirmed that I had Factor V Leiden. I know this can be a hard test to get through normal medical channels, so I wanted to suggest this as an alternate means of testing. I can’t really speak for how reliable it is, so you might want to do your own research into before investing in a service like this.

Oh that’s an interesting note - hadn’t thought of that, appreciate you calling it out. I had thought of doing 23andMe years ago as it looked interesting, but was still speculative / unprompted at the time so I didn’t see the value in it. But would definitely be useful to get insight into my risk factors / predispositions here.

Did you find the other information from them generally helpful, or was it mostly just this genetic factor confirmation?

I wasn’t very interested in the Ancestry report, but I found all the medical things interesting. The only thing that came back positive for me was Factor V Leiden, which is good because a lot of the things they test for can be serious. A lot of people avoid services like this because they don’t want to know that type of information and worry about something they cannot change.