Varicose veins and training

This isn’t directly related to training, but wondering if anyone else has experience with doing endurance sports with varicose veins in their lower leg. I am in mid 40s, had them for 20 years, they seem to be getting worse, and there is increased pooling around my ankle (poor venous return).

I don’t really care about them other than if they are in anyway affecting my training (seems unlikely) or if they are going to get worse and compromise my cardio vascular system.

Any older riders or specialists have any input?


Best thing to do is wear compression socks. The valves between the deep veinous system and the superficial may be incompetent. Does your careeer involve lots of standing? I have had a couple of very prominent varicose veins removed from my mid calf. The little ones around my ankles, I don’t pay much attention to.

Thanks. Was there any suggestion that they were compromising performance at all, or did you just have to deal with them for other totally unrelated reasons?

No performance issues. I had a couple of varicosities that were so prominent you could see them through a pair of cold weather tights. Those were uncomfortable. Had them removed in an office procedure.

I have them pretty bad now. Currently 41…theyve been badish the last few years. Planning on having the bad bits in my left leg fixed this winter.

Does not seem to impact performance. But it is uncomfortable, and I’ve taken to wearing a leg sleeve, even when training/racing.

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In all seriousness, this is not the first time I’ve heard of people nicking a varicose vein.
Maybe the best reason to have one removed, aside from skin irritation.

I’m in a similar position and plan to have mine treated this winter. I was prescribed compression socks/hosiery but my doctor told me that it’s a condition that will continue to deteriorate.

When I saw a vascular specialist, I was told that there should be no impact to my training or racing, it’s more of a cosmetic issue. That said, the specialist did say that whilst having the veins treated wouldn’t see me become a ‘better’ cyclist, it certainly wouldn’t hinder me.

Surgical treatment isn’t offered on the NHS unless there are other underlying concerns/ conditions so I’m having to go down the private route.

True. But at this point…I feel not having them might not make me be a better cyclist directly…but it would remove one more obstacle to training/riding consistently.