Pulmonary Embolism: Experiences?

Looking for any insights. After failing some easy workouts in February I went to a cardiologist who eventually diagnosed PE on a CT. Was put on Xarelto (blood thinner) about two months ago. I have continued to stay active throughout the period. I find that my current performance is very variable. Some days I’m as strong as I was pre-PE and others feel as though my lung function is still compromised. I have been experiencing some serious back discomfort as well (have been stretching, seeing a PT and starting yoga to try to address that) and continued chest pain. Based on my doctors reactions to the latter (and my internet research), it seems the continuing chest pain is normal. Does anybody in this crew have any experiences? Is what I’m going through normal? Thanks!

First off, I am seriously glad you’re here to tell us about this. PE’s are incredibly serious and it’s great it has been discovered and that you’re getting the medical help needed for it.

My first question is, do they know where the original clot originated? About 5 years ago my wife had a PE that originated from her thigh. The clot had broken free, travelled to her lung and very nearly killed her (she was 25 at the time, scary stuff). Obviously you are getting medical advice, but I’d be a bit loathe to be doing much in the way of strenuous physical activity if there is a risk of dislodging other clots and sending them into your lungs.

And in terms of the symptoms you are feeling, my understanding is that they are normal. Some of it is tied to the drugs (my wife has to inject Clexane every day and the side effects can be non-existent one day and very apparent the next) and some of it is tied to your body’s natural response to what is going on.

All I can say is, keep following your doctor’s advice, take it easy and stay safe and well!

Thanks for your regards and response. The docs can’t explain why I developed the clots (e.g. no long sedentary periods). I did experience unexplainable calf cramps just prior to all this beginning, so in retrospect I’m figuring that’s where they originated. Both docs are saying that since I’m on the blood thinner, I won’t develop further clotting and that continued exercise is fine (as long as it doesn’t have a high risk of crashing / developing internal bleeding).