DVT, recovery and getting back to training

Changing jobs = changing meds even if the new meds are worse because insurance company has to save $$.

The insurance company wants me to switch from Eliquis to Xarelto, with the latter having

The patients treated with Xarelto experienced more bleeding—both major and minor.

Yeah not cool with that. Even more so that I use an InReach on most of my rides because I’m out of cell coverage. If I crash and start bleeding while out of cell coverage, yeah not good. Maybe I tell the insurance company that their choice could lead to a helicopter medi-vac. That might change their tune.

Update: clot was cleared, hematologist took me off Eliquis prior to Unbound and everything was fine. WAS fine. Started to have the same feeling in my right calf (which had the DVT before) and will have an ultrasound early next week to give it a look see.

Did switch from my for profit health care system to the Veteran’s Administration. Here in NorCal they are staffed by Stanford. VA is “in network” for my employer and they are more concerned with outcomes than billing. Good example is my new GP is very much on board with me continuing to cycle. “Way too many benefits to stop.”

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If you are having similar sensations, you should really get it looked at immediately. You chances of a repeat DVT w/ damaged veins is much higher.

If you really want to wait, please pay attention to any shortness of breath or chest pains and get to an ER immediately.


Yep, already seen the GP and am taking it easy this weekend. I had scheduled a 10+ hour ride, but that’s not something I’m going to risk.

Asprin and being chill are the only things happening until my ultrasound results are in.


All Clear! Even got a complement that my veins look really good.

Direction now is compression socks when I’m not going to be able to getup and walk around (sleeping, flying, long drives) and 81mg asprin at least 2x a day.

My risk isn’t gone, but can manage things to the point where it’s keeping things clear rather than having to clear a clot.


Awesome news!!,

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