During Recovery Weeks - Drop Weight Lifting Weight?

During TR recovery weeks, should I lower the weight I lift during my two weekly lifting sessions? If so, just legs? I have a simple routine if deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, and bench press (recently got an Olympic barbell set from Costco, and haven’t done any regular lifting in many years so I see this as plenty to get started lol).

If you lift heavy enough to get DOMS (soreness) then I would. I do a similar routine and wonder the same thing. I usually am glad that I went lighter. You might consider progressing your weights to mirror the weekly progression of your TR training so you can recover on the same cycle

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I would back off the legs and keep the RPE low. Let the muscles chill during recovery week. If you want to lift maybe deload that week as well for legs or do body weight only.

I’m terms of upper body if you’re not truly doing 3 rep max sets of super heavy weight (heavy for you that is) in my experience doing some upper body days doesn’t seem to affect recovery. I can never go too hard in weight lifting alone in my basement so I don’t stress about it.