Dumb trainer -- making 1-2w adjustments while focusing on cadence

Did Ericsson yesterday, and in the 3x20ss intervals there were a lot of slight changes to power targets at the same time focusing on target cadence ranges. Seems like one gear was too low and I had to overspin; the next was too tall and either I missed the power or cadence was too low. How do you think about relative priorities in a workout like this?

Cadence is secondary to target power in those situations, so sometimes I vary the cadence as much as I can, other times I settle into a comfortable cadence and just aim to hit the power targets. If I can raise my cadence slightly and still be close to the power targets i’ll do that.

Remember that sweet spot is also a range, so if you want to focus on cadence I wouldn’t stress about being off by a few watts.

I’m doing my high cadence work on endurance workouts this year but actively trying to raise it comfortably and bring that into some sweet spot workouts recently. I took some time off last year, and base this season has my average cadence lower than last season in nearly every workout so far.

Does that help?

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I’d second everything Wayne said, and also add that I sourced a 14-25 cassette for my trainer bike and the narrow range helped with this problem somewhat. Still not perfect, but better than before.

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Don’t worry about a few watts or cadence here and there, it make’s no difference.