Cadence or power

Today I did the Carson workout which is basically low cadence intervals. I found that if I hit cadence, my power was 10-20 watts above target. Likewise, if I hit power, my cadence was 10 RPM or so higher than target. I ended up targeting cadence with greater power than target. Is this the right way of going about it in this circumstance? Thanks!

Are you on a smart trainer using erg mode? If so, do you have a power meter on your bike and were you using power match?

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You’ll want to focus on maintaining the power prescribed but with what’s considered a “healthy” cadence…85-95. Are you using a smart trainer in erg mode? If so, keep your cadence steady and your trainer should be automatically applying resistance to allow for you to hit your power Target for that interval.

In this particular workout the instructions called for some intervals at 75 and others at 85. I generally prefer a cadence of 95-100.

I’m new to trainers and my Elite trainer is in ERG mode but maybe myself or the trainer isn’t working properly. In high cadence workouts there doesn’t seem to be an issue.