Best way to set up Nero w/ TR

I’m looking to convert my recovery days to the rollers (instead of the KickR)

I’ve got a Nero but have never been able to get it to work (well) with TR.

How have people set up the Nero with their on-bike power meter, with TR?

Do you link the Nero to the bike PM first, and then link TR to the Nero, or TR to the bike and use TR’s power match feature?

Thank you!

Link both to TR and use the ‘New’ power match (which I think is the default)

I have had some issues with my Nero (targeting wrong power) that seem to have been resolved after I de-linked the PML (Power Meter Link I think?) in the Elite app and just used the above approach

Awesome, thank you!

Completed Kennedy -1 (achievable threshold) using this method. Thank you!

Any suggestions for how I can more closely follow the prescribed power target? I’m used to my kickr which holds me dead on target.

  • Unless you have turned it off, the “ERG Mode Power Smoothing” default setting was likely in place on your Kickr. The data and smoothness of the graph shown from that setting is a lie. It produces overly smooth data that is not possible for a human to produce. My gut says you are now seeing “real power” data that is naturally bumpy and bounces around.
  • One option to consider changing the Smoothing value in the TR app. Keep in mind that it only affects the digital power data (the actual power numbers, not the yellow graph). People seem to run a range of 3-10 seconds depending on their power meter and personal preference.

  • Edit to add another consideration that crossed my mind later. There could also be a factor related to the “feel” and related power delivery as a result of difference in the flywheel effect. I don’t know how effective the Nero flywheel is in comparison to the Kickr. The Kickr is large and fast spinning relatively speaking. There could be enough difference to the Nero that this is also impacting the apparent feel and power produced around the pedal circle.

I tend to aim for the fastest possible wheel speed (high gear and cadence) that the watts target will allow - feels smoother. Also easier to balance lol

One thing with rollers is that position affects rolling resistance - eg sitting up will put more weight over the rear wheel, so if the rear tyre has lower pressure, rolling resistance will increase. I love that the Nero then adjusts to cancel out this effect, but it isn’t instantaneous

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Thank you both.

I think I figured out why my power numbers were not where they needed to be.

I like to grind at 80rpm and it appears that TR power match needs my cadence between 88-92rpm for the Nero.

When I’m spinning at 90rpm , sure the power numbers are a few watts high or low, but it’s basically right on.

If my cadence drops to 85-80rpm though, even if I move to a harder gear and have a faster wheel speed, TR drops the resistance of the NERO, resulting in a power number below the target.

That is odd. AFAIK, TR doesn’t use cadence for PowerMatch in any way. I’d suggest an email to to see if thta is the case or if something else is at play.

Cadence may be a factor here, but i dont think its related to TR’s power calculations specifically.

Quick close out to this thread.

There was a bug in the TR software when using erg mode with the Nero. The TR team fixed the bug in the beta mobile app. I haven’t used the Nero recently to see if the fix was deployed to the production app or not, but if you experience the same issue, please contact TR’s excellent customer support team.