Dual recording on Garmin Edge, worth it?

True, I confused Training Effect with performance condition.

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The other issue with recording in one ecosystem and synching to the other is the release of new features. It’s fairly likely that Garmin or TR will release some new feature that only works with their recording in a given training year.

Thats another reason I like to dual record, its reassuring when you finish a workout that felt harder than it should that you see it was 5deg warmer than last week because of the crazy temperature fluxes we are seeing more of these days.

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I’ve used Strava for years as my main training history. I personally think its a better options since every health product in the world syncs with it. I’d personally be more worried about TrainingPeaks going out of business before Strava. Putting your history or data behind a paywall would be the death of Strava, just look at how many people left My Fitness Pal after they tried to monetize barcode scanning for calorie counting.

Thanks all for the feedback. I’ll likely give this a try for a few weeks and see how much it adds to the workflow and what I get out of it. The dual recording backup is a good point, although if I loose connection to my phone running TR then I’m pretty much screwed anyways (luckily only happened once in my time using the platform).

Any obvious lessons learned or tricks for dual recording that people have experienced?

I used to duel record TrainerRoad using a Garmin Edge (1000), mainly as a back up, but then found I was simply deleting files in Connect, so stopped.

I bought a Venu 2 Sq a couple of months ago and now find myself dual recording again. The only reason for this is that the HR on the watch one gets is really screwy unless the watch is set to indoor trainer - assume a function of the watch then boosting the HR sensor. So once again , I find myself deleting files in Garmin Connect as I don’t want to double record the virtual ‘distance’ etc.

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I broadcast my HR from the Venu 2 to the Edge 530 - no problems with reliability of the measured HR rate.

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I dual record for many of the reasons others have mentioned. I use a Tacx Flux 2, Garmin Edge 530, and Garmin HRM Dual. I also have a Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire, but do not use it to record on the bike, only to provide the health & fitness metrics in Connect. I have TR linked to Connect and Strava.

I find that Strava automatically “weeds out” the second workout to post. What I mean by that is that if TR posts to Strava first, then Strava rejects the workout data that comes directly from the Garmin ecosystem. Conversely, if I “save” the ride on the Edge before I post the workout on TR, the dominoes fall in the other direction and Strava only accepts the info from Garmin. Making sure to post the ride to TR before saving the ride on the Edge means I always get the TR data – which I consider to be the preferred data in my case – uploaded to Strava.

On the Connect side of things, and this is where I really find value in dual recording, I do get both workout entries but many of the metrics which come from the Garmin ecosystem do not appear in the entry for the TR workout. Connect still accumulates mileage and time for both workouts, but only gives Challenge/Badge credit for the one recorded on the Garmin. I can’t speak for how this impacts Garmin’s Performance Condition metric, etc., but I’m a data geek so it’s worth it to me to have that info I would miss if I just used TR without the Edge.

For me, the Garmin ecosystem is the hub and everything else is ancillary to that. And frankly, the only reasons I keep Strava around are the challenges/discounts, the near universal connectivity to it, and the social aspect (which I use in a very limited way, but still enjoy). And I don’t find it to be all that troublesome to dual record as others have suggested, but that may depend too on how “techy” a person is, or wants to be.

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So if Garmin is your hub do you delete the TR workout, or just leave the two workouts in the system? I’m curious about moving Garmin to be my hub. Prior to the 830 I had an Wahoo Element Bolt and wahoo doesn’t play well with Garmin connect (insert shocked face). I also used Training Peaks when I was doing triathlons, but I disliked paying for a subscription to TP and then shelling out for training plans.

Actually, this gets even geekier . . . I have a spreadsheet set up, in which I combine data from Strava, Connect, and TR, as well as incorporating my non-cycling fitness activities. I do that because I can then easily chart and access exactly what I want to see, not what someone else thinks I should want to see. So I guess really, my spreadsheet is my hub. That said, I don’t pay too much attention to Garmin’s total mileage, etc., because I’m keeping that accurate in my spreadsheet. So usually I keep all the activities in Connect as a record of source data for the information I have collected in my spreadsheet. I know that inflates the mileage and time totals in Connect, so for others this may not be an acceptable practice.

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You can also discard the workout at the end rather than saving. I think by setting your watch to indoor bike ride it increases the HR measurements and therefore gives accurate heart rate tracking which impacts some other garmin metrics like intensity minutes. However the Venu 2 doesn’t support the cycling science metrics like VO2 Max, Training Load, etc. Which is annoying, because it has the same sensors as the 255, 955, fenix, they just want to differentiate the products by price.

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So I’m in the market for the Garmin 830. Is it hard to Dual record the TR workout?

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I’m also doing this. I ride a Wattbike Atom in the garage and run the Wattbike Hub in parallel to TrainerRoad (and now the Venu 2 Sq). The Hub gives pedalling efficiency and left/right balance etc., which I find really useful as I ride. It also the trainer odometer, a number that gives me strange satisfaction.

There is a definite order of operations at the end of workout to ensure that the TrainerRoad workout image appears on Strava, rather than a bland ride file.

I’m not really using Garmin Connect for the ride metrics, mainly steps (have a bit of a competition going with my daughter), sleep quality and calories burnt.

This! You just jogged my memory. That is THE specific reason I started using the Edge in parallel – no mileage figures from TR.


You just record the activity on the Edge 830 and save it at the end. No more difficult than recording any other activity.
The TR activity is handled by TR as before, no change.

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Doesn’t do that for me, I don’t know why.


Just like @otnemeM mentioned, it’s really easy.

I’ve begun dual recording so I can make the most out of the Garmin metrics (using Forerunner 955, Index scale, and Edge 1030+).

It may be different depending on your equipment, but I’m running a 4iiii left side PM controlling my Kickr Core and a Garmin HR strap. TR is running on my laptop and recording via Bluetooth, while the Edge is capturing the same data via Ant+. I just end the workout first in TR so that gets to Strava, and delete the TR workout in Garmin Connect.


I dual record - mainly to make sure my PM is accuate. Dual sided faveros so if my L/R balance goes weird one of the pedals is bad or mis-calibrated.

I normally ride on my Wattbike and follow the TR workout on my iPad.

I’m wondering if I should download the ride to my Edge and follow the workout there, which might free up my iPad.

Does that sound feasible?

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yes, that became my preferred way. And having Zwift/RGT control the trainer in sim mode, to make it like training outside.