Drop outs with Power2Max NG Eco

I recently purchased a Power2Max NG Eco for my Canyon Neuron. I’ve ridden three times since installing the PM and I experienced significant drop outs on two of the three rides (ride #2 and #3). I run a Garmin 820 head unit and a garmin heart rate monitor. I calibrate it each time, and it connects without any issues but then randomly drops out in the ride. It will reconnect randomly throughout the ride. During the last right it dropped out half way through and then stayed disconnected. Once I was complete my ride, I tried to reconnect it and it did. So it seems very random to me. I’ve started the customer service query, but I am awaiting a response so I figured I’d see what you guys know.

For context, I have Favero Assioma Duos on my road bike. I run the same head unit, heart rate monitor, and also use a speed sensor and I’ve never had problems with drop outs for the two years I’ve had the Duos.

Any thoughts on what is causing the drop outs? Could it be interference from the heart rate monitor? Has anyone switched to a wahoo or different sensor and reduced drop out?

Thanks for the help in advance.

battery. if not, contact power2max support.

Do you mean a weak battery or a poor connection with the battery? The power2max app says the battery is 95% full.

weak battery, or both.

I’ve also had problems, with a Garmin 800, and an older bike with a 2nd gen stages L power meter (which I got rid of). The signal was weak, when using an “out front” mount. If I move it inboard, instead of out front, it worked better.

But, you should contact power2max support. I don’t think I can stress that enough. They may have some diagnostics that can be run.

Edit: and I assume you’re using ANT+ and not BT.

I do run an out front mount. Did you switch to a stem mount?

And agreed, I’m hoping power2max will be able to provide some help. I’m waiting for a response back from power2max.

I turned the out front mount around and had it go inside towards the stem instead of out front. That was on an old Rockhopper that I converted to drops though. On my actual mountain bikes, I always use stem mounts. You can try it on your MTB, with it flipped around. Given that you shouldn’t get too rowdy these days and trails are probably closed or closing, it should be fine to putz around and test. If it’s better then you know something is going on with the signal.

Or use the old Garmin mounts with the rubber straps and stick it on your top tube, maybe near the seat tube where it’s narrower. It’s hard to look down at it, but I almost never look at it on a MTB.

I will flip the out front mount around to give that a shot and buy a stem mount as well to be the long term fix because that makes sense to have it closer and with less objects in between the two devices. I replaced the battery with a brand new duracell, which is probably more powerful than the cheap off-brand version that Power2max had as their OEM version.

Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll let you know what Power2max says when they respond.

Have you got the latest firmware installed via their app?

I have. I updated the firmware last week when I installed it

Mine has been flawless connected to an Edge 530 on an out-front mount. Honestly, it seems crazy unlikely to me that a 2.4ghz ANT+ signal would handle two mount types differently.

It depends. My reference was the Stages Gen 2, L. It had notoriously weak ANT+. I haven’t had problems with my P2Max. It is, however, worth giving it a try to rule out connectivity issues. This is the same reason why people get USB extenders for their laptops when doing indoor trainers, to move the receiver closer to the signal. The only time I’ve had dropouts with the P2Max, were battery related, as in about to die.

Did you get the right battery? Power2Max does not use the cr2032 which is what you can find just about anywhere. It uses a cr2450(N). I have 2 Type-S which use the cr2450N. Not sure, but I seem to remember that the N is a Renata naming thing. If you buy another brand, 2450 suffices. Anyway, while at first glance the 2032 and 2450 look alike they are not. The differ in both size as well as amperage. So, if you have bad contact and power, your PM is likely to have signal issues if it works at all. Maybe the fix is this simple :man_shrugging:

Lastly, contact p2m support. I have contacted them twice over the last 5yrs and both times they sorted me out inside of a week. They totally rock!

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I had an issue with the cadence on the first couple rides with mine. p2m support instructed me to clear all my saved sensors off the garmin and add the p2m back on first. I have not had the need to use any of my other cadence sensors since then but It has been working flawless since using it on my mountain bike and gravel bike for the past 8 months. Maybe the same trick will work for your power drop outs.

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Yep, replaced with the correct 2450.

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That is an interesting trick. I will try that.

Any updates on this?

I have a Powerbox and on my first outdoor ride the power meter dropped and wouldn’t come back until i removed the battery and replaced it. Who knows if it would have come back on it’s own. I’m tempted to pop a Duracell in there to see if it happens again.

I have had a Powerbox since first release and had this twice. First was the first retail iteration of the firmware, second was a particular battery (new but unbranded).

Firmware update and Duracell battery from that point on and worked fine.

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I’ve now owned three NGeco PMs and every time I start to get drop outs, I know it’s time to change the battery. My one complaint is that they don’t seem to transmit battery level correctly.

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Thanks both. With swap out with Duracell and see if it comes back.