Drivo II very slow to change resistance... normal?

@Ardian it’s hard to compare those images since the wattage levels and time scale appear to be different.

I had Elite customer service write to me last night:

Drivo II also has already the latest and update version of the firmware so no update is needed at the moment

In my opinion the issue is related to interferences, to be sure of this do you have the possibility to make a test in the same place and in the same condituion where you have tested the Drivo?

So it seems apparent that they aren’t going to help me, and they don’t read what you tell them very carefully.

It was the same workout above, just zoomed in a little in second picture.
It wasn’t cheap for my to buy this trainer. It had to be 3x faster than Drivo 1 but it doesn’t :frowning:

BTW Elite replied me nothing important, just check your PC, connection, blah blah blah…

I am returning my Drivo II.

Elite customer service had me create and ride a short interval test using their app and then send them the exported data. Did that. Then they wanted to do some sort of direct-connect from them to the trainer, which required some Windows software. I’m a Mac-only guy, and I had already decided to cut my losses on this trainer. I give them props for trying to continue troubleshooting, but it’s hard when their response time is once per 24 hours (if you’re lucky), their US distributor bailed on me, and I’m going on 2 weeks and no resolution in sight. I’ll take my refund while I still can. (Sidenote: Clever Training is awesome to work with!)

Elite’s final response was “Please take note that we have already sold thousand of Drivo II and the issue that you are having is mentioned only by you so the trainer has no production defect.” I beg to differ considering other’s experiences (including DC Rainmaker), but whatevs.

Good luck!

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Lame. Note to self… don’t buy from Elite.

What’s next for you?

FWIW, I’ve been pretty happy with my Direro. Here’s a screenshot of a workout I have done showing several second reaction time for steps of about 140W.


I guess there must be some variability across or within manufacturing batches.

I never got that far with my Direto. In a nutshell I tried 6 times to get meaningful data out of it. Elite customer support replied after 5 days with “It seems that you have made the test in a wrong way”. The store I bought it from suggested I return it and get another brand which is better supported.

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They wanted me to do this test also, I DID and sent them data.
They want to connect to my PC (windows 10) from them to the trainer. So I asked about which program I should download to make this online connection. Waiting for their answer(yep, everything is so slow) and then let elite service to work on my computer directly and do some stuff(with elite app, TR app? I don’t know). Just hope that they will not steal my bank account :sweat_smile:

Let you know (hope soon)


Hi folks - thanks so much for posting this thread.

Been a few months since it was last updated, so just adding my experience to this and hoping someone somewhere got an update from Elite on this issue ?

For me - I’ve just got a Drivo II and to cut a long story short - using the same set up, (Win 10 PC, ANT+) as my previous trainer, the ERG delay is horrendous. It takes roughly 12s to ramp up to the next wattage (often with a small dip after 3-5s). It’s rubbish.

I’ve just read some of these updates and I’m horrified. Over £1,000 for a nice shiny new trainer that is advertised as being really fast (3x faster than before) to switch power, and it turns out it doesn’t do what it says it is supposed to.

This is going to be a massive hassle if all the threads re Elite customer service are anything to go by. But maybe I’ll be lucky and get an instant response and and acknowledge of this issue

I saw one of their responses was that they’d sold thousands of these. That’s no response at all - not everyone will maybe care as much how fast the ERG ramp up takes … (yet), as people may consider it normal without knowing what it should be like. Compared to similar priced trainers this is just a nonsense.

Has anyone had any resolution from Elite on this? I can’t find a firmware update or anything, and nothing from Elite themselves on their own forums or website recognising the issue?

I am facing the same issue: between 9sec and 12sec response time - regardless of ANT+ or Bluetooth. I was contacting Elite and they responded within 2 days to perform their 100 - 200 - 100 - 300 - 100 - 350 test using My E-Training. I did send the response last Friday and am hoping to see a reaction on Monday.

I hope it will turn out the same as this guy here: Elite Drivo II Smart Trainer In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

You can contact them under: real@elite-it.com

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Seems no one has mentioned the power smoothing setting yet. In the same menu as calibration in the elite myEtraining app is a power smoothing setting. Elite says this smooths the power data output. You can set a number from 1 to 10 (or higher… not sure) and it will output a running average of that number of samples. It is not seconds.

Lower numbers will have the quickest apparent response on the Trainerroad screen. Trainerroad also can smooth the visual power line so check that and use the lowest setting in both TR and myEtraining if you want to see the sharpest rise to your power line during the workout. Minimal smoothing would result in the most authentic power display.

If you really want to, you can even change the smoothing midride. If you connect to TR via ant+, you can connect to myEtraining by bluetooth at the same time without screwing up erg. Use a low number for sprints then high for sustained intervals. This would make your graph look prettier. Spikey when you think it should be and smooth when you think it should be. More practically, you can connect during warm up and pick your preference for the workout.

Also keep in mind that with any smoothed output, you are still applying the actual power to the pedals so its just the display that is ‘wrong’ not your legs.

The power smoothing does not change the responsiveness of trainer. The Drivo 2 has a very „comfortable“ change of resistance but this is not helpful for short intervals. It is also related to ERG mode only not resistance mode, which is used for Zwift cruising and racing.

All Drivo 2 users expect a resonsiveness at least as good as Drivo 1 and this does not happen and cannot be changed by any app parameter - it is a bug (in ERG mode).

This can only be changed by Elite suppot team via remote connection or firmware update. Elite is struggling with the latter and delaying month after month the firmware update capability of the app. The only chance right now is per remote connection.

It seems Elite is not very open about the issue and trying to avoid any acknowledgement of this issue in public comments and their forum. This is not a good attitude - especially as it can be fixed easily.

Agree 100% on the reaction to erg control changes, smoothing isnt relevant. However, power smoothing does impact the data sent to and displayed in TR. e.g. the posted charts above

You need to compare the feel in your legs to the time, not the yellow line if you want the truth.

I also read somewhere here that the Trainerroad smoothing setting only alters the in-ride data. The unsmoothed data is still used in the final workout file, TSS calcs, etc.

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Thanks so much for replying / posting. From looking elsewhere it’s a widespread problem. It feels like it needs a global recall of all Drivo II’s if they can’t fix it by firmware - and I guess if people don’t mind (which may be the case - or everyone will care) its current set up then they’ll only get so many back.
I personally expect the trainer to do what it is claimed to do which is to be able to change resistance 3x faster and “in the blink of an eye”. Which is what was advertised.
Frankly it should just be a software setting. Surely.

I’ve tested this using their own software. Ramp up and ramp down starts around 7s after each interval starts. Then completes at about 17s. Poser smoothing set to zero to get instant power readings

Hi all. In a bid to centralise the breadth of this problem — if you feel so minded and have this problem with delayed responses from the Drivo II (or Drivo) please add your name / pseudonym to a message in Elites forum.
I’ve created it so that Elite see that we can all see it’s a wide problem so if you either are happy to put your name to a list of frustrated people or just let me know and I’ll do it.
The link to the thread is here
Elite Drivo Drivo II not working
For the Elite Drivo and Drivo II ERG (resistance too slow to change) issue.
Drivo Drivo II ERG resistance

Hope you can help.

Yes the same on other software as well - smooths out the last period of pedalling in terms of what’s displayed on screen (user experience will feel better I guess as power not visibly jumping every pedal stroke)
Agree 100%

What we need Elite to do is make the trainer change resistance as fast as it’s supposed to as well then we’ll be good.

I’ve notified my supplier that I will probably be returning mine as it’s still within a month of receipt.

Having the same issues with the Drivo since half a year when I started with TR. So you can add my name to the list as well. Always thought it would be my bad connecton via Ant+ or BT…

Done ! Thanks. Anyone else already on this list happy to add to the thread?

Drivo II doesn’t work in ERG properly

While the response took some extra days the Elite support was very helpful and knowledgeable. The responsiveness can be adjusted by parameters. Elite has established an Android app for this to which they seem to give selectively access to. I don’t have an Android device. Therefore Elite support was remote-logging into my Windows PC via TeamViewer and running a specific Windows software to update parameters in the Drivo II.

I just did a short test so far but responsiveness has definitely improved. First impression is that responsiveness is significantly faster - it went up from roughly 12sec to a couple of seconds. Especially ramp down is immediate. I have to perform some more sessions to understand the new exact ramp up time.

Thumbs up! :+1::+1::+1:

Where can you download the App?

You need to reach out to Elite support. My understanding is that it is distributed similar to iOS Testflight - where one can grant and revoke access - not a freely available app. However, as I don’t have Android I was not pursuing this path.

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It’s good to know that Elite is finally acknowledging this and working to fix it. It’s a shame that they’re so far behind on the app/firmware side.

That said, I returned my Drivo II over three months ago and am most recently on a Neo 2 that is hands down the best smart trainer I’ve ridden. No issues either, and responsiveness is very fast.

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