Does sprint power decline quickly?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently doing SSB1(mid) and haven’t been doing any sprint work for a while now. I feel like my max power might be decreasing.

Planning to continue to ssb2 (mid volume) then power build and rolling road race, and am worried that there isnt enough sprint training in the plan to sustain the sprint power I have coming into it.

Would it be worth subbing out some of the sweetspot training for more sprint specific stuff. Or should I stick with the program until it picks up?

Bit of context,
Age: 19
Weight: 60kg
Have raced.
best at 5 second-15 second power

Thanks in advance.

Yes - it is a skill - and one that needs to be practised. You might be able to squeeze out a sprint but it can always be improved. After not sprinted for a long awhile, it is taking me awhile to get my sprint back. Even training my mind to snap and explode.
Practice. Once a week. And it comes back.

Yeah that’s a good plan. Thanks

To maintain you sprint it really shouldn’t take much. If you just did an endurance ride or two outdoors and sprinkled in 2-3 sprints throughout you should be able to maintain most, if not all, of that power. And unless you’re doing long 20+ second sprints all the time then it shouldn’t carry much fatigue with it.