Sprint - thank you!

Just a quick shout in thanks for the recent focus on sprinting. It made me realize a couple things - 1) I’ve never explicitly trained it (5th year cycling, ~3rd year racing, Masters racer 39yrs old), and 2) It is something that CAN be trained.

So the work has begun and is already paying off after only a few weeks focus. I’ve recruited a couple of experienced racers to work with me / coach me through the mechanics that you talk about and there’s still much work to be done - but results!

  • having not hit 1,000+ peak (1s) since 2017 I’ve now hit it on most of my last few sprints (~70kg weight for reference)
  • My 5s is now just shy of 1,000
  • My 12s is now ~900w (up 100+w versus 2018)



I’ve also really been enjoying the sprint episodes :+1:t4:

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