Does Same Progression Level = Same Adaptations?

I’ll start off by fully aknowledging that I am overthinking this. I’m planning on doing as many workouts as I can outdoors for my upcoming build (Short Power Build) block. Some of these workouts can be quite intricate and therefore hard to complete outdoors. I’m wondering if changing to another workout with the same or very close progression level will have the same intended outcome?

For example here are 2 workouts. I’ve been suggested Sleeping Beauty + 3 but would be changing it to Abraham.


They are the same in the eyes of adaptive training.

Have you looked at the “Outdoor” versions. Might not be so intricate and not worth your stress changing them.

I have looked at the outdoor workouts version of many of them and they usually follow very closely to what the indoor version is. Here’s my example of a switch I’m going to try today.

Originally given Merced +1 which has 40/20’s. Doable outdoors but likely a pain in the a$$, especially since I’m still new to trying outdoor workouts and controlling my power.

Instead I’ll repalce it with Nunburnholme +1 which is 7x4 min intervals.

Hoping in the grand scheme of things that the main adaptations carry over.

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