Does Grease Type Matter

Rest week so, I’m doing some maintenance on my free hubs. Not going to mess with the
bearings but, will pull apart and clean the ratchets, springs and spacer for DT Swiss 240’s. I don’t have any red DT Swiss specific grease but, I do have some older Phil Wood ball bearing grease. OK to use the Phil Wood or get the DT specific grease? Or some other grease? Thanks

I just serviced the free hub on my PowerTap G3 yesterday and I used Phil Wood Waterproof Grease which is specifically listed in the user guide as an acceptable option. My guess is that the Phil Wood stuff would work for your 240 as well.

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Use freehub specific grease!!! Its a lot thinner. I used general purpose bike grease once along with doing a few other things and I couldn’t figure out why my bike felt so slow afterwards. I finally brought it to the bike shop and he cleaned it all off, put in freehub grease and after that it felt like I was riding an ebike on the next ride.

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FWIW, the PowerTap G3 user guide that I mentioned before lists these as acceptable options as well:

  • Mobilgrease 28
  • Kluber Isolflex NB52O
  • DuPont Kyytox GPL226
  • Buzzy’s Slick Honey Grease

My impression is that the thicker grease (vs. a lighter oil) protects against water infiltration & contamination better.

In any case, I’ve been running the Phil Wood Waterproof Grease in my free hub for the last few years with no issues. For what it’s worth I’ve set many all-time power PRs during that time.

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Thanks for the feedback. Slick Honey and Shimano freehub body grease have been recommended as they are thinner as @alexstenerson mentioned . I can’t find DT Swiss grease (except Amazon) and it can’t get delivered for over a week…want to do this this week.

From way back the slick honey is waaaaay thinner than my Phil Wood. I couldn’t forgive myself if I used thicker than necessary grease causing my old slow body to push an extra 3 watts! :smiley: :boom:

@alexstenerson you noticed a difference free wheeling correct?

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