Grease for headset bearings

Can anyone recommend a grease to use for my headset bearings. I’d like to use one that can keep out the elements. I use regular muc off grease for most things but I wondered if anyone had any better grease to help keep the weather out. My lower bearings always seem to get full of grit - it is on a gravel bike.

Perhaps I just need to get a new one with a better seal but I’m trying one last hoorah before I click “purchase.”

Just use a good grease. All of the special bike grease formulas are just product coming in industrial drums being repackaged (*) I use Lucas red and tacky grease for everything from cars to power equipment to bikes. $6 a tube at an autoparts store. That is more grease than I’ll use in a lifetime of bike work.

To dispense grease, get a mini-grease gun like the ubiquitous Dualco or Astro for $15. Park sells a pretty blue version for $25 if you want to go bike brand. The GG-1 model.

(*) There are exceptions like Dupont Krytox and other aerospace formulations. Unless your parts specifically call out a type of grease anything decent is fine.


No grease is going to keep grit out, I just use wheel bearing grease because I have a 5 gallon pail of it and clean them out every once in a while. An ultrasonic cleaner makes short work of it then just repack and go. Marine grease would be a good choice too since it won’t wash out easily with water.

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Second this

I bought the park one so you can screw their grease tubes in without having to pack the can. Since very little grease gets used on bikes it lasts years even with repacking bearings. For cars I used a large grease gun that fits grease fittings and takes a whole cartridge

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The Finish Line grease works great for me