Freehub grease consistency

Has anyone used NGLI #00 grease on their freehub pawls? It’s extremely lightweight (about the consistency of applesauce), it’s what I use in the gearbox for my mower, snowblower, etc. It’s about the lightest weight grease you can buy without it being runny.

I have not used NLGI 00 in my pawled hubs, but would say that it is definitely a different consistency than the freehub grease that I have (Dumonde tech).

Please be careful if you’re considering using anything other than a recommended grease as an unexpected non-engagement of the hub can be dangerous.

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I use DT Swiss Special Grease because it is special.

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Sounds like it’ll be fine. I’m a fan of dumonde oil or hub grease, but anything I’d similar viscosity should be fine.

After seeing the stuff that comes in bontrager hubs, I’m convinced even pork fat would work fine…. That stuff was thicc!

Just got my PowerTap G3 hub back from SRAM service and the new freehub pawls have a light red grease on them. Seems like 0 or 00 consistency. Definitely grease not oil. Just one data point for anyone else in the future.

Is it engine assembly fluid perhaps? That’s what I’ve been using.

It has electrolytes! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Aside from the DT hubs I have, I’ve used Phil Wood’s Waterproof Grease. I did fill a hub a few years ago with too much, and it was a problem, but it gets pretty viscous when it warms up. I haven’t been brave enough to try the Tenacious Oil. I always use DT Swiss ‘special grease’, with electrolytes. (A cheap attempt at movie humor. A movie that many say is a prediction :rofl: :crazy_face:)