Cycleops Hammer, H2, H3 freehub noise

Anyone found any solutions to the Hammer, H2, H3 freehub noise? I tried greasing the heck out of it with thick grease without much luck.

I’m looking at a crazy idea, but haven’t gotten my test part in… or measured anything. It looks like Cycleops hubs have a lot in common with DT Swiss hubs (the recent G3 star/ratchet ones more so). They both use 15mm axles. I know you can convert a DT 370 3-pawl hub to a 350hub with a freehub, ratchet mech, and the threaded ring. It is a much quieter hub.
I have a threaded ring and tools on order and a DT 350 wheelseet in the garage . The open question is if I can remove the Hammer’s ring and if it’s the same size. Im betting cycleops didn’t reinvent the wheel and is using industry common parts. I’m guessing I’ll hit a snag like the ring is embedded in the plastic fan (yes I ordered before looking, but I also have a swiss 370 hub at home) or the size is different, but fingers crossed.

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Assuming you followed Shane Miller’s lead on the grease, and it didn’t work, you must have different grease and/or amounts than he used. His on the H3 worked incredibly well.

It’s likely they used box standard parts and you might be able to swap the parts. Let us know what you learn.

I am waiting the day that they swap to sprague clutches and such for more silent drive to start instead of over-packing pawl designs with thick grease.

I think you should clarify the original post that this is regarding the regular freehub sound. When you say Freehub noise, it sounds like its a defect or problem.

My solution? Keep pedalling!

It’s the freehub - loud angry bees as the flywheel winds down foreverever. The grease works a bit, then it gets pushed out of the way. I’ve tried light and heavy greases. Also, my Hammer has a 4 or 6 pawl freehub (don’t recall - more than needed though), which is another thing I’m going to look at.

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I know this is not just the freehub noise. Could someone tell me what it could be? I can’t post the sound file directly here, sorry about that.